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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Arts (Criminology)

Admission Requirements:

See BA (Criminology)  .

Program Focus:

This limited enrolment program, based in the Department of Sociology, coordinates several disciplines to provide a more thorough analysis of the causes of criminal behavior and the variety of social responses to such conduct. It is a program of ★120, with Sociology as the principal subject of concentration. The second subject of concentration is composed of a combination of approved courses from the Departments/Faculties of Anthropology; Economics; Educational Psychology; History and Classics; Interdisciplinary Studies; Human Ecology; Marketing, Business Economics, and Law; Native Studies; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Strategic Management Organization; and Women’s and Gender Studies.

The program is for students with career interests in the criminal justice system and related fields, and includes a competitive Field Placement Stream with supervised work experience.


  1. Criminology students are encouraged to consult the Program Director to review proposed coursework before registration for each academic year and in advance of any changes to approved registration.
  2. Students Interested in the Field Placement Stream must apply to the Program Director.  Application deadline: October 30 annually.
    Note: Students must first apply to the Criminology program.  Once accepted, students can apply to the competitive Field Placement Stream.

Requirements for Field Placement Stream applicants:

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.0 on the most recent ★15 as of the end of the Fall term of the BA Criminology Program.
  2. A resumé of personal data, particularly volunteer or work experience related to criminal justice.
  3. A written statement of career objectives.
  4. An interview

Applications will be adjudicated by March 1 annually, for placements to start in the following academic year.  Students may apply annually to compete for available Field Placement Stream spots.

Residence Requirement:

The BA (Criminology) degree is a program which requires a minimum of ★120 of which

  1. A minimum of ★63 must be in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts; 
  2. A minimum of ★60 must be in courses taken at the University of Alberta; 
  3. A minimum of ★30 must be completed while registered in the BA (Criminology) degree program;
  4. A minimum of half the required SOC courses must be completed with courses offered by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.

Course Load Requirements:

Students may complete ★30 in each Fall/Winter period and complete the program in four academic calendar years.


Basic Requirements:

  1. Junior English (ENGL)/Writing Studies (WRS) (★3)

★3 100-level ENGL
★3 100-level WRS.
Please note that the number of spaces available in WRS in any given year is limited.

Students who have been granted advanced placement in English may substitute any ★3 at the 200-level or higher in ENGL for the Common Requirement.

  1. One Language Other than English (LOE) (★6)

The Common Requirement of a Language other than English consists of ★6 at the 100-level or above in one LOE.

Language courses which do not offer as their goal the acquisition of a Language other than English, e.g., those dealing with literature in translation, will not fulfill the LOE requirement. Consult Course Listings, for full course descriptions.

The LOE requirement will be waived for students who have successfully completed a Language Other than English at the 30-level (or equivalent), or been required to take an English Language Proficiency test for admission

Students must satisfy departmental placement requirements for any Language Other than English or credit will be withheld.

  1. ★6 from Non-Arts Discipline(s)

Students must complete ★6 in courses offered by Faculties other than Arts. The courses can be in different disciplines, and/or from different Faculties. Some courses offered by other Faculties and programs are classified as “Arts” Courses for the purpose of the program and do not meet this requirement:

Faculty of Native Studies Arts Disciplines from Augustana Faculty and Faculté Saint-Jean Approved courses offered by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences: (AREC 473 , AREC 482 , AREC 485 , AREC 487 , R SOC 355 , R SOC 450 )

Subjects of concentration:

The principal subject is Sociology in which a minimum of ★30 (★36 for Field Placement Stream Students) at the senior level is required; a maximum of ★48 at the senior level is permitted.

The second subject is composed of a multidisciplinary combination of courses and requires a minimum of ★21 (minimum of ★15 for Field Placement Stream students) to a maximum of ★36.

No more than ★15 from any second subject department is allowed.

Any four of the following (For Field Placement Stream students, any two of the following):


For up-to-date course information, please consult the criminology program website.

No more than ★6 at the junior level may be taken to satisfy the second subject requirements (excluding PSYCO courses).

It is recommended that students considering graduate studies take:

Other coursework required to reach ★120 is made up of options and non- Arts and Science options.

Additional Information

The BA (Criminology) Program is not available as an after degree.

Students should be aware that under the Protection for Persons in Care Act, all new employees, volunteers and other people engaged for services by designated agencies (hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, social service agencies, etc.) must complete a Police Information Check (also known as a Criminal Record Check, Security Clearance Check, or Police Clearance), which must include a Vulnerable Sector Check. In addition, certain other agencies, organizations, and educational facilities may require students to present a Police Information Check prior to entering a practicum, work placement term, internship, or field experience placement.

Students who have concerns related to their ability to provide a clear Police Information Check should consult with the Associate Dean, Student Programs. Students will be informed of the need for a Police Information Check prior to specific internship/practicum/work experience placement. See Requirement for Police Information Checks  for more information on the general requirements concerning Police Information Checks and the fees associated with them.


To be promoted in each academic year, students must have

  1. attained a minimum grade point average of 2.7;
  2. attained a minimum grade of B- in SOC 399  and SOC 499  (Field Placement Stream students only); and
  3. been recommended by the Department of Sociology.


  1. Failure to be promoted for academic reasons is cause for removal from the program.
  2. Affected students may transfer to another program in the Faculty if they meet admission requirements of such a program. All other requirements for the new program must be completed after transferring.

Academic Performance

  1. Academic Performance for Graduation: To qualify for a BA (Criminology), students must have completed all program requirements, achieved a minimum GPA of 2.7 in each academic year of the program, and be recommended by the Department of Sociology.
  2. Degrees With Distinction: See Bachelor of Arts (BA) .