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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduation [ALES]

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  1. Eligibility for Graduation:
    Students that have completed all of the requirements in their program and present Satisfactory Standing  are eligible for Graduation .
  2. Courses Extra to the Degree
    Courses successfully completed while registered in a program which are not being used for degree credit are known as courses extra to the degree. Such courses are, however, included in the assessment of academic standing.
    The Faculty will designate courses as extra to degree when they are not being used for degree credit. When a course designated by the Faculty as extra to degree could also satisfy a degree requirement, the student may request a revision of the designation of that course. If the Faculty agrees to the revision, a course that was previously deemed to be satisfying the same degree requirement must in turn be declared extra to degree.
  3. Graduation Grade Point Average
    To be eligible for graduation from any of the programs offered by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, students must present Satisfactory Standing  and obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 (2.7 for the BSc in Nutrition and Food Science, Food Science and Technology Specialization and the BSc in Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics Specialization; and 3.0 for the BSc in Honors in Food Science and the BSc Honors in Nutrition) on their last ★60 counting towards their degree (including courses completed at another institution).
    When calculating the Graduation GPA all courses from a particular term of study must be used. When fewer credits than were taken in a specific term are needed to meet the requirement of the last ★60 counting towards the degree, the grade points will be calculated by multiplying the GPA of all courses completed in that term by the number of credits required to meet the ★60.
  4. Extension to the Graduating Year
    Students who have completed ★120 (★150 for combined degrees) or more are permitted to register only in those courses necessary to complete their current program and meet graduation requirements as quickly as possible. Approval of ALES Student Services is required for every course beyond ★120 (★150 for combined degrees) in which they register.
  5. Graduation with Distinction
    The notation “With Distinction” is inscribed on the permanent record and graduation parchment if a student has obtained a Graduation GPA of 3.5 or higher on the last ★60 of their program completed at the University of Alberta.