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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor in Science, Technology, and Society [Arts]

Media and Technology Studies, Faculty of Arts

The interdisciplinary program in Science, Technology, and Society offers both a Major and Minor. Information on faculty advisors for this program is available from Media and Technology Studies in the Faculty of  Arts.

This interdisciplinary major or minor subject of concentration will enable students to apply the approaches of the social sciences and humanities to understand science and technology as human and social activities. It  will also enable them to study the impact of science and technology on societies past and present.


See Bachelor of Arts (BA) .

See Cross-Listed Courses  regarding cross-listing regulations.

A minor in Science, Technology, and Society requires a minimum of ★12 to ★42 at the senior level including at least ★6 at the 300 or 400-level selected from the list of courses approved for use toward the major and including at least ★6 from the following: