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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creativity and Culture Program Requirements [Augustana]

Creativity and Culture combines the study of Text and Theory, Creative Practice, and Language and requires a minimum of ★63 to complete; students who choose to pursue a specialization in Visual Art, Drama, or Music will require ★75.

Text and Theory elements are drawn from courses in Art History, English, Music History, and French, German, and Scandinavian Literature.

Creative Practice elements include courses in Studio Art, Creative Writing, Drama, and Music.

The Language element will typically be satisfied by French, German, Latin, or Norwegian language courses at the appropriate level for a student


Text and Theory

Additional Requirements in Text and Theory

  • ★12 at the 200-level in Text and Theory
  • ★9 at the 300-level in Text and Theory. AUPHI 365  or AUSOC 372  may also be counted towards this requirement
  • ★3 at the 400-level in Text and Theory

Creative Practice

★6 from:

Additional Requirements in Creative Practice

  • ★6 at the 200-level in Creative Practice


  • ★6 in Language

Additional Requirements

  • ★3 at the 400-level in Text and Theory OR Creative Practice


Students in Creativity and Culture may choose to include a specialization in Visual Art, Drama, or Music. Each specialization requires an additional ★12, along with prescribed courses that overlap with other requirements of the major.