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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in Community Service-Learning

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Students in the Bachelor of Commerce program may pursue the Certificate in Community Service-Learning by fulfilling the requirements of their Business program, including major/minor requirements, and by completing in addition a minimum of ★12 credits and one non-credit opportunity as follows:

  1. At least ★3 credits in a CSL-designated course, such as CSL 200  (see Course Listings )
  2. ★9 credits from the list of academic courses approved each year by the CSL Program Office [list of courses available on the CSL website ( or from the CSL Program Office]. Students must satisfactorily meet the CSL requirements of each course.
  3. Successful completion of one non-credit opportunity. Information about non-credit opportunities that count toward the certificate is available from the CSL Program Office.
  4. Courses offered by the Faculty of Business that appear on the list of CSL approved courses as in (2) above, may be used to satisfy both major/minor requirements and the requirements for the CSL certificate.
  5. No more than ★6 of the ★12 credits may be transfer credits from other postsecondary institutions.
  6. Students may not take courses extra to their degree for the sole purpose of satisfying the requirements for the certificate.

For information regarding Graduate Study, please consult Business  of the Graduate Program section of the Calendar.

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