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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Arts (Drama)/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Combined Degrees, BA/BEd [Arts]

This Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education Combined Degrees program consists of ★150 normally taken over five years of full-time study. Coursework within the two Faculties is taken concurrently. Students initially apply for admission to the Faculty of Arts and are considered to be registered in that Faculty for the first three years of the program. All qualified Year 3 Bachelor of Arts (Drama)/Bachelor of Education students will be promoted to Year 4 in the Faculty of Education provided a minimum GPA of a 2.3 has been achieved and a minimum of ★90 applicable to this program has been successfully completed. Please note that the Combined BA/BEd program requires a minimum of ★9 of 400-level DRAMA or above. A recommended program structure is outlined below. Since this program is very tightly constructed, and depends on careful sequencing of DRAMA courses throughout the five years of the program, we strongly encourage students to consult with program advisors prior to making any variations to this program.

Program Requirements

Year 1 (★30)

  • Common Requirements: (see BA Common Requirements )
    The Common Requirements (★15) are designed to give the foundation for a Bachelor of Arts.  It is strongly advised that students complete the requirements in the first two years of their programs.
    Note: Senior-level courses in the area of any major or any minor which meet a Common Requirement must also be counted toward the major or minor requirements.

Year 4 (★30) Taken in the Faculty of Education

Year 5 (★30) Taken in the Faculty of Education

The Introductory and Advanced Professional Terms can be taken in the same year.

Promotion in the BA Drama/BEd Combined Degrees Program

  1. A 2.7 GPA is required on all senior level (200-level and above) DRAMA courses.
  2. ★30 are recommended each Fall/Winter; however, students are required to complete at least ★24 during each Fall/Winter. A reduced courseload below ★24 must be approved by both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education, and is based on a recommendation from the Department of Drama.
  3. The BA (Drama)/BEd Combined Degrees program may be interrupted only with the prior consent of the Department of Drama, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Education. Readmission and continuation will be subject to any conditions imposed by the Faculties and new program requirements that may be specified by the Department of Drama, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Education.
  4. Students in Year 3 who have completed less than ★90 toward the BA (Drama)/BEd Combined Degrees but have achieved an AGPA of at least 2.3 may select one of two alternatives:
    1. remain in Year 3 of this program in the Faculty of Arts for one additional year;
    2. apply to enter a different degree program.

Residence Requirements

Students proceeding toward the BA (Drama)/BEd combined degrees program must have credit in at least ★75 offered by the University of Alberta, including a minimum of ★30 taken while registered in the Faculty of Arts. After admission to the program, any request to take courses at another postsecondary institution must be approved by both the Faculty of Arts and Education, based on a recommendation of the Department of Drama.

Graduation Requirement

To qualify for the Bachelor of Arts in Drama /Bachelor of Education Combined Degrees, students must successfully complete relevant curriculum requirements, meet the promotion, final year and residence requirements, and receive the recommendation from both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education.