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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in International Learning

The Certificate in International Learning will provide undergraduate students recognition for the international knowledge and skills they have acquired in their study at the University. The certificate will indicate to employers and graduate schools that the students have taken courses, have participated in co-curricular programs, and have had international or cross-cultural experiences through which they have developed the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures and that they are prepared to take responsibilities as citizens of the world. The certificate will be available to undergraduate students in all Faculties.

While completing the undergraduate program in their respective Faculties, students will complete a minimum of ★12 from the list of designated courses that have an international focus or contain significant international content. In addition, students will complete a significant cross-cultural experience, such as studying, working or interning in another culture, and reflect on that experience through a capstone project. See Certificate in International Learning on the University of Alberta International website for information about approved, designated courses.

Students will be required to register for the certificate no later than September 30 of their third year, or at completion of ★60 if studying part-time. No more than half of the course requirements for this certificate may overlap with the requirements of another certificate. Students must be in satisfactory academic standing at the time they register for the certificate.

Students must also apply for the Certificate in International Learning through Undergraduate Student Services in the Faculty of Arts by the application deadline for convocation (see Academic Schedule, Dates, and Deadlines ). The certificate is granted only at the time of graduation from a degree program and by the recommendation of the University of Alberta International.

Students may pursue the Certificate in International Learning by fulfilling existing requirements for majors, minors or honors in their respective disciplines and by completing the following:

  1. ★12 in approved courses, from at least two different disciplines. In the interests of emphasizing diversity, students are encouraged to focus on intercultural content courses for a culture other than their own.
  2. One of the following intercultural experiences:
    1. Study, work or volunteer experience abroad of at least six weeks duration. International students studying at the University of Alberta will have met this requirement.
    2. Internship with an agency working in a cross-cultural environment of at least 100 hours duration or
    3. Living in International House for an academic year.
  3. Two of the following:
    1. Active participation in co-curricular activities such as those of the UAI Global Education Program or other international or intercultural focused organizations. A point system will be tracked through BearsDen Co-curricular Record.
    2. Second language skills evidenced by successful completion of ★6 university-level Language other than English courses, or evidence of moderate functional competency. This requirement will be waived for students who have completed their entire secondary education in a language other than English.
    3. Completion of UAI Global Education or other recognized workshops or a university credit course in intercultural communications.
  4. Participation in the program introduction and closing workshops led by the Certificate Coordinator. At the closing workshop the student will present the capstone integrative reflection project. This is a non-credit educational experience.