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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in Civil - Military Leadership

The Certificate in Civil - Military Leadership is a Faculty of Arts certificate that aims to develop future citizen-leaders by recognizing the completion of significant academic and extracurricular military training. The goals are to broaden participants’ educational experiences and develop skilled leaders. The Certificate program will provide students with knowledge that bridges the gap between highly specialized military training and academic enrichment. Students who complete the program may choose to continue with a career in the Canadian Armed Forces or, utilize the learning outcomes in a career outside the Canadian Armed Forces.

This Certificate is offered by the Faculty of Arts, but is open to students in all Faculties at the University of Alberta. Students wishing to pursue the Certificate in Civil - Military Leadership must apply through the Undergraduate Student Services in the Faculty of Arts by the application Deadline for Graduation (see Academic Schedule, Dates, and Deadlines ).

Certificate Requirements:

Students must complete:

  1. All program requirements for any undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta.
  2. The Reserve officer or Non-Commissioned Member classification training courses offered by the Canadian Armed Forces. This training is typically completed over three years.
  3. ★12 required courses from the list of approved courses, with no more than ★6 from a single department, and with ★9 at the senior level. See Certificate in Civil - Military Leadership.

The Certificate will be awarded only at the same time as the student receives an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta.