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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies (Honors) (BA NS Hon)

The BA NS Honors degree provides further specialization within the Native Studies program. It enables students to study in greater depth and demands a higher standard of performance than the BA NS program. The Honors program provides excellent preparation for graduate study, especially in Native Studies.

General Program Requirements

  1. Residence Requirement: the Honors degree requires ★120 of which
    1. ★66 must be courses in the Faculty of Native Studies or Faculty of Arts,
    2. ★60 must be courses taken at the University of Alberta, and
    3. ★30 must be completed after being admitted to the honors program.
  2. Course Load Requirements
    Students usually complete the Honors program in four consecutive Fall/Winter periods, with ★30 in each Fall/Winter.

    With the prior approval of the Native Studies Honors Advisor, a reduced course load may be taken in extenuating circumstances provided that ★9 is taken in each term. Requests to take less than ★9 per term may be considered by the Faculty’s Honors Committee in exceptional circumstances; however, a course load of less than ★9 in each term will not normally be permitted in the Honors program.

    All degree requirements should be completed within 5 academic years of commencing the second year of the program.
  3. Advising: Honors students are advised to have their programs and registration checked by the Academic Advisor annually and are responsible for the accuracy of their programs.

Course Requirements

The Honors degree requires ★120 comprised of the following groups of courses:

Faculty Common Core (★30)

BA NS Honors and BA NS students complete the same basic requirements. See Faculty Common Requirements .

Major subject (★48-★60)

Minor subject (★12-★24)

Students may choose to do a minor but minors are not required in the Honors program. A minimum of senior ★12 with at least ★6 at the 300- and 400-levels is normally required. Students should consult the relevant Faculty or Department for minor requirements.

Options (★0-★42)

Depending on the number of courses taken in the major and on there being a minor, students may take up to ★42 in options. Acceptable option courses may be taken from the credit course offerings open to Native Studies students from any U of A Faculty but must meet their prerequisite requirements.

Junior courses

No more than ★48 at the 100-level are permitted for credit in the program.

Promotion and Graduation

  1. Promotion Requirements: 3.0 GPA on all courses taken in the Fall/Winter, and 3.3 GPA on courses in the major in the Fall/Winter.

    Students who do not meet the promotion requirements in Honors may transfer to the BA NS program provided they meet the admission requirements for that program. After such transfer, all requirements for the BA NS program must be met.

    Students who do not meet the promotion requirements of the Honors program, and who do not meet the admission requirements of the BA NS program, will be reviewed under the general Academic Standing regulations of the Faculty (see Academic Standing ).
  2. Graduation Requirements
    1. Graduation with Honors:
      1. an overall 3.0 GPA on all courses taken in the Honors program,
      2. 3.3 GPA in all courses taken in the major, and
      3. 3.0 GPA in all courses taken in the last Fall/Winter, and 3.3 GPA on courses in the major in the last Fall/Winter. 
    2. Graduation with First-Class Honors:
      1. 3.5 GPA in the last ★60, and
      2. 3.7 GPA in all major courses within the last ★60. 
    3. Graduation with BA NS degree:
      Students who are not recommended for graduation with Honors at the end of their fourth year (i.e., after successfully completing ★120), may apply for the BA NS degree. The BA NS degree will be granted if the program and graduation requirements for that degree have been met. Students deficient in any respect must take additional courses.