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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Degree of PhD (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) [Graduate]

Program Requirements

The essential requirement for the degree of PhD is the planning, execution, and reporting of high quality research. A candidacy examination is taken normally within 20 months after admission to the program, to ensure that a student has the necessary knowledge, background, and ability to complete a PhD thesis. At least ★18 of course work beyond the undergraduate degree is required. At least ★9 of the required course work must be taken at the University of Alberta. Not more than ★6 of the University of Alberta courses may be taken from the same instructor, except with permission of the Department. Normally, not more than ★3 of course work may be at the 400-level within the Department and only one (★3) research or reading (directed studies) course may be counted towards the requirement.

A reading knowledge of foreign languages is not a formal requirement, although it may be required if appropriate to the particular program.

The minimum period of residence is one academic year of full-time attendance at the University of Alberta.

Length of Program

The time required to complete the PhD will vary according to the previous training of the applicant and the nature of the research undertaken; a minimum of three years of study and research is normally required. A PhD program should normally be completed in four academic years of work beyond a master’s degree or five academic years beyond an undergraduate degree if no master’s degree has been completed.