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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Application Procedures

Inquiries from New Students

Inquiries from prospective undergraduate students should be addressed to the Registrar’s Office. Student Connect, student service centre, in the Office of the Registrar acts as an advisory office for all categories of new students, other than those eligible for direct admission into the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Student Connect is located on the main floor of the Administration Building. Telephone inquiries may be directed to (780) 492-3113, 1-855-492-3113 or you can use our Contact Form.


The following definitions pertain to the information contained in the subsequent chart.

  1. Academic Year: The academic year is divided into four periods known as “terms” as follows:
  July-August Summer Term
  September-December Fall Term
  January-April Winter Term
  May-June Spring Term

The eight-month period from September to April is referred to as Fall/Winter. The four-month period from May to August is referred to as Spring/Summer.

  1. High School Applicant: A student whose most recent education has been taken in a high school and who has also never attended a postsecondary institution.
  2. Postsecondary Transfer Applicant: A student who is transferring from another postsecondary institution and who has not previously attended the University of Alberta.
  3. Internal Transfer Student: A student who wishes to transfer from one program to another program within the same Faculty or to another Faculty.
  4. Previous Student: A student who has been required to withdraw and is now reapplying to the same program, or a student who is reapplying after any absence of 12 consecutive months or more to the same program in which the student was most recently enrolled. (If another institution has been attended in the interim, then the classification is Postsecondary Transfer Applicant.)
  5. Open Studies Student: A student who is registered in selected credit courses, but who is not following a degree or diploma program.
  6. Special Student: A student who has been permitted to register in one or more courses which are not being taken for credit toward a degree or diploma at this or another institution. To be considered for admission as a Special Student, applicants must normally have received a university degree from an accredited postsecondary institution, must present a competitive admission grade point average, and meet English Language proficiency requirements as specified in Language Proficiency Requirements . Special Students must apply for admission to the Faculty in which they plan to take the majority of their courses. Since the University is a limited enrolment institution, priority in admission is given to applicants to degree programs.
  7. Visiting Students: Bona fide students of other universities or colleges who have been permitted to take one or more courses for transfer of credit to their own institutions which have agreed in advance to such an arrangement.
  8. Admission and Readmission Documents: All students must submit two complete and official transcripts of work they have completed at institutions other than the University of Alberta before a final decision is made on admissibility. These documents must be submitted as soon as possible after the results of their most recent examinations are available.
    Note: A student will not be considered if any document or required item is received after the stated deadline.
  9. Other Requirements: The other requirements column listed in the following chart refers to all students, whether applying for admission or readmission, unless otherwise stated.
  10. Deadline: If the published deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, that item will be accepted by the Office of the Registrar if it is received or postmarked by the end of the next full working day.

Application Procedures

  1. There is one combined application form for admission and readmission or internal transfer. Students may submit an application in one of the following ways:
    1. Online: Students are encouraged to apply and pay the application processing fee online as the process is secure and faster. Students can apply online at www.registrarsoffice.ualberta.ca.
    2. PDF Format: a PDF version of the Application for Admission and Readmission or Internal Transfer form is available from the above website, and can be downloaded, completed and printed.
    3. Paper form: If students are unable to apply online, or access the PDF application, an application form can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or Faculty Offices.

Note: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, and Dental Hygiene Diploma applicants must use the online application.

  1. Applications will not be accepted after the stated deadline [see Admission and Readmission Deadlines and Deadline].
  2. A nonrefundable application processing fee is charged for each Application for Admission and Readmission or Internal Transfer form submitted. Online applications are not successfully submitted until the online payment process is completed. Paper applications will not be processed if submitted without the application processing fee. The University of Alberta strictly enforces its policy of withholding processing of applications until the appropriate processing fee has been received. Students are encouraged to apply and pay the processing fee online as the process is secure and faster.
  3. A student intending to enter a program as a nonmatriculated applicant must apply by the deadlines published for high school students. Please refer to Nonmatriculated Applicants  as well as to the appropriate Faculty section in Admission Requirements by Faculty  for admission information.
  4. An Application for Admission and Readmission or Internal Transfer is valid only for the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer for which it is submitted and will not be carried over to a future date. An admission or readmission decision to any program is valid only for the terms for which it is approved and will not be carried over to future terms. Should a student decide not to accept the admission to a program and then want to come at a later date, another Application for Admission and Readmission or Internal Transfer and processing fee will be required.
  5. Students who wish only to audit courses may register according to the dates specified in the Academic Schedule . Such students must report to the Office of the Registrar to obtain a Course Audit form.
    Refer also to Auditors  of this Calendar for additional information regarding auditing students.

Electronic Communications for Students and Applicants

The University of Alberta uses and will use electronic communication with its students and applicants in lieu of many paper-based processes. “Electronic communication” includes anything that is created, recorded, transmitted or stored in digital form or in any other intangible form by electronic, magnetic or optical means or by any equivalent means. Currently, this most often includes information communicated by e-mail and via a website.

All references in the Calendar and in other University policies to any method of communication by the University by any media, shall be deemed to include the right of the University to make such communication by electronic means. For the detailed policy and important information for students and applicants, refer to Electronic Communications Policy for Students and Applicants .

Application for Admission

  1. Applications received from students who have never attended the University of Alberta, will be processed as applications for admission. Admission deadlines for these students are listed by Faculty and program in the Admission and Readmission Chart.
  2. There are two categories of applicants for admission:

Application for Readmission or Internal Transfer

  1. Applications received from current University of Alberta students who wish to transfer programs within a Faculty or transfer to another Faculty, and from former University of Alberta students who wish to reapply to the University will be processed as applications for readmission or internal transfer. Readmission deadlines for these students are listed by Faculty and program in the Admission and Readmission Deadlines Chart.
  2. There are two categories of applicants for readmission or internal transfer:

Admission and Readmission Deadlines

Note: Call our Office of the Registrar’s student service centre, Student Connect, in the Administration Building (780) 492-3113, 1-855-492-3113 our use our Contact Form. Please visit our website to see if the program in which you are interested is still accepting applications.