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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSc in Forestry

General Information

The Faculty offers courses leading to the degree of BSc in Forestry. The program consists of four years of University study with a yearly course load of ★30, as well as field schools taken just prior to first year, and in the spring between second and third year.

The BSc in Forestry develops graduates who appreciate the need to manage forested areas with due concern for all resources and who have the capability and knowledge to manage forested areas as integrated ecological entities. It focuses primarily on forest management, the protection, manipulation, and use of the forest resource while ensuring that sustainability and other social and cultural needs are met.

The field of forestry embraces topics as diverse as economics, ecology, engineering and conservation. As a consequence, a broad range of career opportunities exist for graduates. The program prepares students for careers as Registered Professional Foresters working in government or industrial organizations or as consultants. To complete the registration process, graduates apply directly to the appropriate Registered Professional Foresters Association.

Field school exercises provide training in technical aspects of forestry, including forest mensuration, engineering, ecology and silviculture. All field schools must be taken prior to the fourth year of study, to ensure that students are able to apply the skills learned in their last year in the program.

Requirements of the BSc in Forestry Program (★120)