Jun 25, 2022  
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSc in Chemical Engineering - Oil Sands Elective

Engineering Disciplines

To find descriptions of the various disciplines of Engineering, visit Explore our Programs on the Faculty of Engineering website.

Program Requirements

Year 1

Requirements for Year 1 can be found in BSc in Engineering - Qualifying Year .

Information regarding admission to a specialized program from the Qualifying Year Program can be found in Faculty of Engineering Regulations .

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4


See Program and Technical Electives below for restrictions on the program electives.

Complementary Studies and Impact of Technology on Society (ITS) Electives

See Complementary Studies and Impact of Technology on Society (ITS) Electives  for a list of approved electives.

Program and Technical Electives

The two single-term program electives can be selected from lists in BSc in Chemical Engineering . At least one of these electives must be Engineering Science and/or Engineering Design in BSc in Chemical Engineering. Other courses may be taken with written permission from the current Oil Sands Advisor prior to enrollment.