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University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Office of the Registrar

Student Connect is the student services office for the Office of the Registrar.

The Contact Student Connect page is a self-service tool that provides answers to frequently asked questions, 24 hours a day.

Contact information for Student Connect:
Contact Form
Phone: (780) 492-3113
Toll-Free: 1 (855) 492-3113

Academic Inquiries

College of Health Sciences

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Standalone Faculties

Graduate Studies

Open Studies

Continuing and Professional Education and English Language School

College of Health Sciences

Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Undergraduate Programs, 3-134 University Hall (780) 492‑5604
Graduate Studies, 3-134 University Hall (780) 492‑3198

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Admission Information
For MD Program, 1‑002 Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research (780) 492‑6350
For MLS Program, 5‑411 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (780) 492‑6601
For Dentistry and Dental Hygiene Programs, 5th Floor Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (780) 492‑1319
For Radiation Therapy Program, 3-12 University Terrace (780) 492-6918

Academic Matters
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Medical Education), 1‑1002 Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research (780) 492‑9523
Associate Dean (Postgraduate Medical Education), 2‑76 Zeidler Ledcor Centre (780) 492‑4751
Associate Chair (Academic, Dentistry), 5th Floor Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (780) 492‑3312

Faculty of Nursing

Undergraduate Student Services, 4‑141 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (780) 492‑5300
Graduate Services, 4‑171 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (780) 492‑9546, Toll-Free in Canada 1‑888‑492‑8089

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Office of the Dean, 2‑35, Medical Sciences (780) 492‑0199
Undergraduate Student Services Office, 2‑55, Medical Sciences (780) 492‑3362
Graduate Studies Office, 2‑55 Medical Sciences (780) 492‑2967
Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) for Practicing Pharmacists Program, 2‑55 Medical Sciences (780) 492‑3654

School of Public Health

Shanthi Johnson, Dean, (780) 492-9072
Office of Educational Programs, (Graduate Programs), 3‑300 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (780) 492‑8211, sph.programs@ualberta.ca

Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

RG Haennel, Interim Dean, 3‑48 Corbett Hall (780) 492‑5991
D Palmer, Assistant Dean, 3‑48A Corbett Hall (780) 492‑5981
L Liu, Chair of Occupational Therapy, 2‑64 Corbett Hall (780) 492‑5108
M Wieler, Chair of Physical Therapy, 2‑50 Corbett Hall (780) 492‑2889
K Pollock, Chair of Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2‑70 Corbett Hall (780) 492‑5980

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Student Services, 2-06 Agriculture-Forestry Centre (780) 492-4933

Faculty of Engineering

Student Services, 2-300 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering (780) 492‑3320, Toll-Free in Canada 1‑800‑407‑8354

Faculty of Science

Student Services, 1‑001 CCIS (780) 492‑4758, Toll-Free in Canada 1‑800‑358‑8314, advisor.science@ualberta.ca

Faculty of Arts

Arts Faculty, Undergraduate Student Services, 1-17 Humanities Building (780) 492‑4295

Faculty of Business

J Doucet, Dean, 4‑40G Business Building (780) 492‑7644
K Murray, Vice Dean, 4‑40J Business Building (780) 248‑1091
T Reay, Associate Dean (Research), 2-24A Business Building (780) 492‑4246
A Marosi, Associate Dean (Undergraduate), 2‑20C Business Building (780) 492‑5773
M Maier, Associate Dean (MBA), 2‑30 Business Building (780) 248‑1275
T Reay, Associate Dean (PhD), 2-24A Business Building (780) 492‑4246
M Washington, Associate Dean (Executive Education), 2‑006 Enterprise Square (780) 492‑2311
E Wong, Associate Dean (International), 3-21B1 Business Building (780) 492‑8137

Faculty of Education

Undergraduate Student Services Office, (Admissions, Advising and Field Experiences), 1‑107 Education Centre North (780) 492‑3659

Faculty of Law

Student Services Office, 128 Law Centre, (780) 492-3067

Standalone Faculties

Augustana Faculty

Office of the Dean, 4901‑46 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 2R3 (780) 679‑1130
KI Misfeldt, Vice‑Dean (780) 679‑1162
K Mündel, Associate Dean (Academic) (780) 679‑1557
J Kariuki, Associate Dean (Teaching) (780) 679‑1120
R Harde, Associate Dean (Research) (780) 679‑1579
AM Anderson, Assistant Dean Enrolment Management (780) 679‑1582
Prospective Student Office (780) 679‑1132 or Toll-Free in Canada and USA 1‑800‑661‑8714

Faculty of Native Studies

Academic Advisor, 2‑20 Pembina Hall (780) 492‑0525

Faculté Saint‑Jean

P‑Y Mocquais, Dean, 8406‑91 Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 4G9 (780) 465‑8705
P Mulatris, Vice Dean (Academic) (780) 492‑7469

Admissions and Student Records (780) 465‑8703, Toll-Free in Canada 1‑800‑537‑2509

Graduate Studies

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

For local and Toll-Free phone numbers, address and e-mail information, visit the Contact us page.

Open Studies

Open Studies

Office of the Registrar, Administration Building, (780) 492‑3113

Continuing and Professional Education and English Language School

Faculty of Extension

K Campbell, Dean, 2‑246 Enterprise Square (780) 492-8162
F Fletcher, Associate Dean Academic and Student Affairs, 2-254 Enterprise Square (780) 492-2283
M Mayan Associate Dean Research (interim), 2-289 Enterprise Square (780) 492‑9209
C Schultz, Assistant Dean Academic, 2‑244 Enterprise Square (780) 492‑6702
M Splinter, Assistant Dean, 2‑242 Enterprise Square (780) 492‑3035
Information and Registration Services, Main Floor, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5J 4P6 (780) 492‑3116\

Student Services

The University of Alberta Current Students page has information on various student services and resources in categories such as:

  • Academic
  • Financial
  • Health & Wellness
  • Housing & Transportation
  • Campus Live Involvement
  • Career & Professional Development
  • Safety & Security
  • Records, Registration, Fees
  • Immediate/24-Hour Services

Visit Current Students for more information.

Augustana Campus

While Augustana students have access to many of the services listed on the Current Students page, the Augustana Campus in Camrose, Alberta, also offers its own student services.  Visit Services (at Augustana Campus) to learn more.

Calendar Feedback

If you would like to report an error or provide feedback about the University Calendar, please send your comments to calendar@ualberta.ca.