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University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023 
University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023

Master of Engineering (Chemical and Materials Engineering)

The MEng is a course-based program. The Department offers MEng degrees with specializations in Chemical Engineering, Process Control, Materials Engineering, and Welding Engineering.

Program Requirements

Students must complete nine courses (27.0 units), including a 3-unit project course.

Coursework (24 units)

  • Eight 3-unit graduate-level courses. The courses are of the same type and calibre as those taken by the MSc and PhD candidates, and must be approved by the Associate Chair (Graduate).
    • At least four courses must be taken from the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
    • At least three of the CME courses must be at the 600-level or higher. The following courses are considered to be equivalent to 600-level CME courses:
    • The balance of the courses must be at the 500-level or higher in the Faculty of Engineering.
    • Students specializing in Materials Engineering must take MAT E 640  as one of their three 600-level courses

Project Course

  • CME 900  (3 units) - Directed Research. The project is intended to apply knowledge learned during a students’ program to a technical challenge (industrial/research) or a critical review of literature. The topic will be developed by the student in consultation with the project supervisor.

Ethics Requirement

Engineering students must complete FGSR ethics requirements based on their programs.

Professional Development Requirement

Engineering students are required to

  1. complete FGSR’s professional development requirement, which includes an individualized career plan document called an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and eight hours of professional development activities inspired by their career plan;
  2. complete professional development requirements specific to the Faculty of Engineering:
    1. students doing their first graduate degree in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta are required to complete an ENGG Grad PD 01 module; or,
    2. students doing their subsequent graduate degree in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta who have completed ENGG 600 and/or ENGG Grad PD 01 in a previous graduate degree are required to complete four hours of professional development in the areas of communication, networking, EDI, university teaching, and career development. These hours must be included in the student’s IDP and approved by their supervisor/advisor and the department graduate coordinator.

Length of Program

The maximum time to complete the course-based MEng program as set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is six years.