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Honors in Psychology [Arts]

Honors in Psychology

General Information

Students planning to apply for admission to the Honors program should consult BA Honors for admission requirements. Admission into the Honors program is permitted after completion of a minimum of ★48. Final acceptance into the Honors program is dependent upon obtaining formal approval from a potential research supervisor.

See Bachelor of Arts (Honors)  for Faculty regulations concerning the Honors program.

Program Requirements

Although admission into the Honors Psychology program is normally in the third year, students are expected to take a minimum of ★24 during the Fall/Winter of each year of study, including the first and second years. Once admitted to the Honors program, exceptions to this requirement must have the prior written approval of the Department and the Faculty. The student’s program of courses must be approved in advance each year by the Honors Psychology Advisor.

A minimum of an additional ★12 must be taken in one or more disciplines other than Psychology.  These courses may not overlap those used to fulfil the Department’s Computing/Mathematics /Statistics, Natural Science, and Social Science requirements.

Under the supervision of a faculty member in the Department, students undertake a year-long research apprenticeship (PSYCO 399 ) during the third year, and conduct research and write an empirical thesis (PSYCO 490 ) during the fourth year. Third-year students present their thesis research proposals, and fourth-year students present the results of their thesis research, at the annual Honors Psychology Conference in April.

Course Requirements

A minimum of ★48 at the senior level in PSYCO including:

The following courses from other Departments are also required:

  • ★6 selected from 100-level ENGL or ★3 100-level ENGL and WRS 101 
  • ★6 from BIOL, CHEM, PHYS
  • ★6 from ANTHR, ECON, LING, POL S, and/or SOC
★3 from

Any computing science; mathematics; or statistics courses approved by the Honors advisor.

Promotion Requirements

Promotion from year to year requires a GPA of at least 3.3 with an average of at least 3.3 in all Psychology courses in the Fall/Winter.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation with Honors in Psychology requires a graduation average of at least 3.3 with an average of at least 3.3 in all Psychology courses. Graduation with First-Class Honors requires an average of at least 3.7 in all Psychology courses taken in the last two years (last ★60) and an average of at least 3.5 in all courses taken in the last two years (last ★60).

Combined Honors in Psychology

General Information

Students may pursue a Combined Honors program in Psychology and in another discipline.

Program Requirements

The common requirements in a Combined Honors program are the same as for other Honors programs (see Bachelor of Arts (Honors) ).

The requirements in Psychology are the same as described above in Honors In Psychology, including the specified courses from other departments. Careful planning is required, and consulting the Honors Advisors in both departments is mandatory. The third-year research apprenticeship (PSYCO 399 ) is also required; however, with special permission, a Combined Honors Essay (INT D 520 ) may be substituted for the Honors Thesis (PSYCO 490 ). See Honors Essay  for further information.

Promotion and Graduation Requirements

In a Combined Honors program, students must meet the promotion and graduation standards of each Department. The requirements in Psychology are outlined in Honors In Psychology.

Cooperative Education (Work Experience) Route

General Information

The Cooperative Education (Work Experience) Route is available to students in the BA Honors Psychology program or the BA program with a major in Psychology. Students who present a Faculty Grade Point Average of at least 2.3 are eligible for the program, an opportunity for extended, paid work experience. The paid work experience is normally undertaken after completion of a minimum of ★48, and not more than ★105.

Program Requirements

Students who are approved to enter this stream and find an internship placement that is 4, 8, 12 or 16 months are registered into WKEXP 801, WKEXP 802, WKEXP 803 and/or WKEXP 804 depending on the duration on the placement.

During the program, students are considered full-time students of the University. Work experience courses have no weight and are graded credit/no credit, and recorded on the student’s transcript; students are not permitted to register in any academic courses during the Work Experience Program. The Work Experience Program Advisor maintains contact with the student and the person designated by the employer to be responsible for the student’s progress. This arrangement ensures satisfaction on all sides. If the placement is not satisfactory for either party, the internship may be terminated and the student would then return to classes at the next available opportunity.

Promotion and Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirement for the Work Experience program designation includes successful completion of, at minimum, WKEXP 801 , and WKEXP 802 .

Interested students should see the Work Experience Advisor in the Department of Psychology for more information.


  1. Students should be aware that under the Protection for Persons in Care Act, all new employees, volunteers and other people engaged for services by designated agencies (hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, social service agencies, etc.) must complete a Police Information Check (also known as a Criminal Record Check, Security Clearance Check, or Police Clearance), which must include a Vulnerable Sector Check. In addition, certain other agencies, organizations, and educational facilities may require students to present a Police Information Check prior to entering a practicum, work placement term, internship, or field experience placement.
  2. Students who have concerns related to their ability to provide a clear Police Information Check should consult with the Associate Dean, Student Programs. Students will be informed of the need for a Police Information Check prior to specific period of internship/practicum placement. See Requirement for Police Information Checks  for more information on the general requirements concerning Police Information Checks and the fees associated with them.