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Honors in History [Arts]

Honors in History

General Information

Students planning to apply for admission to the Honors program should consult BA Honors  for admission requirements.

See Bachelor of Arts (Honors)  for Faculty regulations concerning the Honors program.

Program Requirements

Honors in History requires a minimum of ★48 to a maximum of ★60 in History (including junior courses). In certain circumstances, selected Classics courses are accepted as the equivalent of History courses, subject to the approval of the Honors Advisor in such cases, and, when used in this manner, these courses will be included in the minimum and maximum permitted. Over the course of the Honors program, students should select courses that will provide them with a broad background of historical knowledge ranging widely in place, time, and perspective.

Course Requirements

  1. At least ★42 at the senior level in HIST including a minimum of ★9 at the 400-level in HIST;
  2. An historiography seminar, HIST 500 , is required during the third year;
  3. HIST 501 , Honors essay required during the fourth year. Students prepare the Honors essay under the supervision of a member of the Department.
  4. Students must satisfy the Department of their ability to read a Language Other than English. Examinations for that purpose are conducted by the Department. These exams normally are written during the second or third year and must be passed for completion of degree. Honors History students who already have ★6 in one senior-level Language Other than English will be exempt from the language exam.

The Department of History and Classics strongly recommends that students avoid undue concentration in any one field of History. Students are urged to take courses in different chronological eras, in different geographical areas, and among different themes; these include:

  1. Chronological Eras: Ancient History, Medieval History (to 1500), Early Modern History (1450-1800) and Modern History (1750 to the present);
  2. Geographical Areas: Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Canada, Europe (including Britain), Latin America, and the United States;
  3. Thematic Fields: the History of Science, Medicine and Technology; the History of Religion; Women and Gender; and Perspectives on Empire.

Promotion Requirements

Promotion from year to year requires a GPA of at least 3.3 with an average of at least 3.3 in all History courses in the Fall/Winter.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation with Honors in History requires a graduation average of at least 3.3 with an average of at least 3.3 in all History courses. Graduation with First Class Honors requires an average of at least 3.7 on all History courses taken in the last two years and an average of at least 3.5 or better on all courses in the two final years (last ★60).

Combined Honors in History

General Information

Students may pursue a Combined Honors program in History and another discipline.

However, students should be aware that a Combined Honors program may not directly qualify for admission to a graduate program in History. Please consult the Graduate Chair for advice. A Combined Honors program may also take longer than the usual four years to complete.

Program Requirements

The common requirements in a Combined Honors program are the same as for other Honors programs (refer to Bachelor of Arts (Honors) ).

A Combined Honors degree in History and another discipline requires a minimum of ★42 (at the junior and senior levels) in History and a minimum of ★36 in the other discipline.

Course Requirements

  1. HIST 500  (★6) Historiography seminar is required in the third year.
  2. HIST 501  (★6) Honors Essay is normally required in the fourth year. However, with the Advisor’s approval, this may be replaced with ★6 in History if the student will be completing an Honors Essay in the other discipline. With special permission, a Combined Honors Essay may also be permitted in lieu of HIST 501  [see Honors Essay ]. Consult the Honors Advisor for further information.
  3. Additional units of course weight in History as needed to achieve the minimum of ★42 required; at least ★36 must be at the senior level, and at least ★6 must be at the 400-level. HIST 500  and HIST 501  are counted toward the minimum units of course weight required. Advisor approval of course selection is required.
  4. Students must satisfy the second language requirements of the BA Honors History program, see Honors in History.

Promotion and Graduation Requirements

In a combined Honors program, students must meet the promotion and graduation standards of each discipline. See Honors in History.