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University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022

Degree of BSc in Occupational Therapy

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Fieldwork Policy:

Also refer to Faculty regulations in Undergraduate Programs , Failure in Fieldwork or Clinical Work Practicum Intervention Policy  and Fieldwork/Clinical Practice Requirements  . All students must complete five full-time fieldwork placements at approved facilities under the supervision of qualified staff. Each placement is assigned a course number, and fieldwork courses are normally scheduled as follows:

  • OCCTH 324 Fall term of third year
  • OCCTH 328  Spring following third year
  • OCCTH 428 Fall term of fourth year
  • OCCTH 433 Winter term of fourth year
  • OCCTH 434 Winter term of fourth year

Although efforts are made to consider individual requirements, if a student declines a placement, that placement is released to another student. Due to the limited national supply, another placement normally is not available until the next selection period. Declining a placement lengthens students' programs and delays their graduation.

Before undertaking fieldwork courses in each year of the program, students must attend an annual fieldwork seminar, and fulfill all fieldwork prerequisites.

A student who has been assigned a grade of "W" or "NC" in a practicum placement is entitled to a second registration in this course, subject to satisfactory completion of such remedial work as may be assigned by the Faculty. A student who receives a "W" or "NC" in a fieldwork placement must repeat the course in a similar setting and type of service. If a student receives a "W" or "NC" in the second attempt of a practicum placement, the student is required to withdraw from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Reexaminations are not possible in fieldwork courses; students who fail a fieldwork placement must repeat that course. They must reregister and pay the required course fees. Normally, a student may repeat only one fieldwork course. If a student fails the repeated course or a second separate fieldwork course, the student must withdraw from the program.

Students may appeal a course grade received in a fieldwork course in accordance with Appeals and Grievances  and Appeals and Grievances .


Students normally complete courses according to the Program sequence. If a student has deficient credit in a course or courses from a previous term, through failure or otherwise, that student must normally clear the deficiency the next time the course(s) is/are offered and is considered a repeating student.


Year 3

  • INT D 410 (32.5 hours)
  • OCCTH 307 (26 hours)
  • OCCTH 308 (52 hours)
  • OCCTH 309 (39 hours)
  • OCCTH 310 (52 hours)
  • OCCTH 311 (32.5 hours)
  • OCCTH 323 (13 hours)
  • OCCTH 324 (4 weeks)
  • OCCTH 362 (52 hours)
  • REHAB 383 (65 hours

Year 4

  • OCCTH 414 (78 hours)

  • OCCTH 415 (52 hours)

  • OCCTH 420 (26 hours)

  • OCCTH 428 (5 weeks)

  • OCCTH 433 (5 weeks)

  • OCCTH 434 (5 weeks)

  • OCCTH 486 (65 hours)
  • REHAB 454 (65 hours)

  • REHAB 455 (39 hours)

  • REHAB 468 (39 hours)

Repeating Students:

Repeating students are normally required to complete a full academic program of ★30 to be considered for promotion. However, students are not required to take more than the normal number of courses to complete their programs.

Attendance in Modules (OCCTH 486):

All students must complete and pass a minimum of five distinct OCCTH 486  modules. The modules are designed to be intensive and interactive. It is imperative that registered students attend all listed hours of instruction. Students with any absences from an OCCTH 486  module without a doctor's note will receive a grade of NC (failure, no grade point value assigned). Reexaminations are not permitted. Students with any absences from an OCCTH 486  module with a doctor's note will receive a "W."

A student who receives one "NC" in any OCCTH 486  module must either register a second time in that same OCCTH 486  module, if it is offered, and pay the required course fees, or register and pay the required course fees for an additional OCCTH 486  module on the same or similar topic.

If a student receives two "NC" grades for any OCCTH 486  module, the student is required to withdraw from the Department of Occupational Therapy. Students may appeal a grade of "NC" received for an OCCTH 486  module in accordance with Appeals and Grievances  and Appeals and Grievances .

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