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University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Specialization in Atmospheric Sciences [Science]

Specialization in Atmospheric Sciences

Effective September 2019, there will be no further admissions into BSc Honors or BSc Specialization in Atmospheric Sciences. Students who entered one of these programs prior to September 2019 must complete all program requirements by April 2026. Refer to the Calendar in effect at the time you were admitted or readmitted for the regulations governing the degree program requirements. The last BSc Honors or BSc Specialization in Atmospheric Sciences will be granted Spring Convocation 2026.

Year 4


  1. Students are recommended to consult Advisor for approved Science options.
  2. Open option – Chosen from any credit course offered by the University of Alberta.
  3. Recommended Arts options include any HGEO courses.
  4. For students entering Atmospheric Science Specialization, credit in SCI 100 will be considered equivalent to CMPUT 174 , EAS 100 , MATH 114, MATH 115 , PHYS 144 , PHYS 146  and ★9 Science options (see details of courses ) equivalent to CHEM 101 , CHEM 102  and EAS 105 . Credit in SCI 151  will be considered equivalent to STAT 151  and ★3 Science option.