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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Retailing and Services [Business]

Description of Field

The following are fundamental to the successful operation and management of retailing and consumer services organizations:

  1. A sound understanding of consumer behavior and decision making
  2. A knowledge of the institutional characteristics and merchandising processes that differentiate managing retailing and consumer service organizations from managing other organizations
  3. Management of the front-line selling process
  4. An understanding of the process of delivering service quality

Students must complete the common core for the BCom program. Optional courses include a summer internship, a placement in a sponsoring organization providing work experience, while also conducting a project under academic supervision.

Career Opportunities

Over 70% of all employment in modern western economies is now in the broadly defined service sector. As a result, retailing and consumer services provide some of the best opportunities to apply business concepts and skills to a variety of merchandising and managerial problems in large and small entrepreneurial organizations. Graduates are well positioned for successful careers in retail sales and service positions. Entry-level managerial positions for graduates of the program are expected to include assistant buyers and store managers for larger store operations, and in the operations, public relations, and promotions areas. Graduates are also well placed to initiate franchise or entrepreneurial ventures in the retailing and services sector.

Sequence of Courses

Year Two—Winter

Year Three

Year Four


  1. See Policy on Elective Courses  
  2. May be taken in either Year Three or Four.
  3. May be taken in any year except Year Two, Fall Term.
  4. Retailing and Services electives may be chosen from the following: BUEC 454 ; ECON 462 ; MARK 312 , MARK 420, MARK 442 , MARK 450, MARK 462 , MARK 465 , MARK 470 , MARK 488 , MARK 490 , MARK 491 , MARK 495 ; SMO 431 .
  5. See Courses in the Faculty of Business  
  6. ECON courses used to satisfy the requirements of this major may not also be used to satisfy the requirements for coursework outside the Faculty of Business.


  1. Students with a declared major in Retailing and Services may choose to do a minor in any subject area of Business. See Minors for Business Students . Minors are not required. Retailing and Services students are permitted to count one of the secondary core courses required in the Retailing and Services major as one of the four courses constituting their minor.
  2. Students with a declared major in Marketing may choose to do a minor in Retailing and Services by completing MARK 466  and an additional ★9 in Marketing courses at the 400-level which have not been used to satisfy the requirements for the Marketing major.
  3. Students with a declared major in other areas of Business besides Marketing may complete a minor in Retailing and Services by completing MARK 320 , MARK 466 MARK 468  and an additional ★3 from MARK 432 , MARK 450, MARK 465 , MARK 470 .