May 24, 2019  
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSc in Human Ecology

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General Information

Human Ecology is a multidisciplinary field that uses a holistic approach to solve human problems and to enhance human potential in all environments where people live and work: the social, natural, cultural, political, and material. Completion of ★120 is required. (See Notes 1 and 2).

Students should be aware that under the Protection for Persons in Care Act, they may be required to satisfy a criminal records check before being allowed to participate in the required practicum (field placement).

★6 Natural Sciences from

(see Note 4)


  1. Professional Designation: To meet the educational requirements for Professional Human Ecologist designation, students must present ★36 in Human Ecology, Nutrition and Food Science, or Nutrition, including HECOL 100 , plus ★12 in course work closely related to their specialization.
  2. A course may be used for credit only once in a program.
  3. SOC 210  is recommended for the Family Science major.
  4. PSYCO 104  is required for the Family Science major.
  5. SOC 100  and PSYCO 105  are required for Family Science major. Social Sciences/Humanities courses are selected from Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC), any course offered by the Faculty of Arts, Native Studies (NS, except NS 100), Rural Sociology (R SOC), and Theology (CHRTC or CHRTP).

Practicum Program

Two courses comprise the Practicum Program in Human Ecology: HECOL 408  and HECOL 409 . HECOL 408  must be successfully completed prior to completing HECOL 409 .

Students are not permitted to register in Practicum Program courses while on academic warning.

Registration in Practicum Program courses is a two-part process. Students must first complete and submit an application form to the Practicum Coordinator in April prior to the academic year they will take their practicum courses. Students then register in HECOL 408  and HECOL 409  .

HECOL 408  is offered in Fall and Winter Terms. Students enrolled in Fall Term must complete HECOL 409  in the immediately following Winter Term. Students enrolled in Winter Term must complete HECOL 409  in the immediately following Spring or Fall Term.

HECOL 409  is offered in Fall, Winter and Spring Term. Not all cooperating employers offer placements in all terms

Students registering in Spring Term HECOL 409  will not be eligible for convocation in June immediately following their practicum.

Because of the intensity of the workload while completing HECOL 409 , students must not exceed the ★15 maximum in course registration for that term.

A student who has been assigned a grade of "W" or "NC" in a Practicum Program course is entitled to a second registration in this course. If a student receives a "W" or "NC" in the second attempt of a Practicum Program course, they are normally required to withdraw from the BSc in Human Ecology program.

Any student who has withdrawn from a Practicum Program course must receive the approval of the Practicum Coordinator to reregister in the course.

During their practicum students are expected to conduct themselves according to the AHEA Code of Ethics and the University of Alberta Code of Student Behavior.

Students may only complete HECOL 409  once within their degree.

Practicum Intervention Policy: The Practicum Coordinator, on behalf of the Dean, may immediately deny assignment of a student to, withdraw a student from, or vary terms and conditions of a practicum placement if the Coordinator has reasonable grounds to believe this is necessary in order to protect the public interest. See Practicum Intervention Policy  for details.

Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities: The Department of Human Ecology supports the principle of reasonable accommodation. Human Ecology students in need of accommodations during their practicum placement must submit a written request for and formalize a professional practice accommodation plan at the beginning of HECOL 408 .

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