Mar 24, 2023  
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AUREL 365 - Storied Landscapes

★ 3 (fi 6) (either term, 3-0-0) What stories do landscapes tell humans? What consequences do climate change, digital spaces and biotechnology have on how humans receive and preserve those stories? This course analyzes what is culturally, ecologically and religiously at stake in the inherited narratives humans have about the land. It does so by investigating stories about nature in creative, philosophical and religious writing. It focuses on the ways human experiences in forests, deserts, snow and water have been used as resources to challenge problems of race, injustice and violence in modern life. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUENV 365 and AUREL 365