Jul 12, 2024  
University of Alberta Calendar 2024-2025 
University of Alberta Calendar 2024-2025

About the Calendar

Calendar Effective Dates

The 2024-2025 Calendar was published on Mar. 1, 2024 and is in effect for Fall Term 2024, Winter Term 2025, Spring Term 2025 and Summer Term 2025

Please note that the actual dates that regulations in this Calendar apply to are dependent upon each individual program’s term start dates.  See Academic Schedule  for more information on term start dates for different programs.

University Calendar Quick Start Guide

The University Calendar Quick Start Guide  provides information on how to use the University of Alberta Calendar, including topics such as:

  • What is the University Calendar?
  • Accessing the University Calendar
  • Selecting the Right Edition of the Calendar
  • Using the Calendar Search
  • Understanding Your Search Results
  • Browsing Using the Calendar Menu
  • Printing Pages or Saving Pages as PDFs


The Glossary  provides unofficial definitions to some commonly used terms in the University Calendar.  It should be used for information only.

Previous Calendars

To determine which Calendar you should use, please see Academic Regulations - Changes in Regulations .

The location of archived Calendars will depend on the Calendar’s publication year:

  • Digital archives of Calendars published between 2016-present can be found online by using the drop-down menu in the top right corner of this or any page at calendar.ualberta.ca.
  • PDF copies of archived Calendars published between 1997-2020 can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s University Calendar web page.
  • Print copies of archived Calendars published before 1997 can be found at the University of Alberta Library (use the search term “University of Alberta Calendar”).  These are currently on shelf at the Faculty of Law library.

Calendar Amendments

The 2024-2025 University Calendar was published on Mar. 1, 2024.  Any changes made to the 2024-2025 University Calendar after it has been published will be documented on the Amendments to the Calendar  page.

Calendar Feedback or Inquiries

If you would like to report an error or provide feedback about the University Calendar, please send your comments to calendar@ualberta.ca.