Jan 25, 2022  
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022

Message from the President

Welcome to the University of Alberta! We are so pleased to have you join our community in your pursuit of curiosity and understanding.

Your time at the University of Alberta may be split between different campuses and faculties, or between screens and in-person. However you experience this university, you have the opportunity to pave your way through learning and discovery and this calendar can help you plot a course towards your future. Along the way, you will have support from faculty, staff and fellow students. I urge you to seek out these supports when you require them, and extend such support to your fellow students when the need arises.

I think we all hope to see a little more of each other this year, and to share more experiences and celebrations together. I encourage you to take part in all aspects of campus life that you can as we look forward to setting routines for the year and living up to the challenges we set for ourselves.

This is an exciting time and I am delighted to share this year at the University of Alberta with you.


Bill Flanagan

President and Vice-Chancellor