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University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Continuing and Professional Education Programs

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The Faculty of Extension offers a number of non‑credit continuing and professional education programs.​


Analytics for Business 

In the Analytics for Business Series, students acquire an overall understanding of analytics and how you can apply data analysis to improve decision-making within their organizations. Through a set of three workshops, students examine the key concepts and the unique skills required to develop and execute strategies in business analytics. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/business-analytics, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3027.

Applied Geostatistics

The Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics (CPAG) assists mining, petroleum engineers, and geoscientists better pinpoint the resource bodies they seek. CPAG is comprised of one course and is ideally suited to those from industry who seek a more in-depth understanding of modern geostatistical tools. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/environmental-studies/geostatistics, e-mail cpag@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5532. 

Applied Land Use Planning

The Applied Land Use Planning Certificate is designed for practicing professionals involved in municipal planning development and bylaw enforcement. The applied and academically based curriculum provides solid theoretical grounding while ensuring that practitioners can apply theory to practice. Land use planning is based on a multidisciplinary body of knowledge, including planning, geography, landscape architecture, environmental science, and use of Geographic Information Systems. The certificate is comprised of four core courses and 117 instructional hours of electives. A combination of face-to-face and online instruction is used in delivering the program. The program can also be completed fully online. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/public-sector/applied-land-use-planning, e-mail alup@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-6914 or (780) 492-5532. 

Business Analysis 

The Business Analysis Professional Citation focuses on the entire life cycle of a project from initiation and diagnosis through to successful implementation of the solution. The program is comprised of six courses. The citation is relevant to business managers, project managers, systems analysts, and those positioned between the business and technology sectors. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/business-analysis, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5066. 

Business Seminars 

Business Seminars are offered for busy professionals who want to expand their current knowledge and skills, sharpen their competitive edge, and stay up-to-date on emerging trends. Numerous seminars are offered throughout the academic year. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/business-seminars, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5066. 

Business Strategy

Creating business strategies positioned for success requires not only knowledge and comprehension of the rapidly evolving business environment, but a detailed plan for how to communicate and implement strategy throughout the entire organization. In the Business Strategy Series, learners will examine key concepts and required skills necessary to create successful business strategies for their organization. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/business-strategy, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3027. 

Change Management 

The Change Management Series is designed for professionals in entry to mid-level management who are change agents within their organizations. This series is comprised of three workshops, designed to provide students with a comprehensive change management skills set. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/change-management, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5066. 

City-Building and Community Engagement

The City-Building and Community Engagement Series explores community engagement, city-building, and change. This series is intended for passionate urban citizens interested in exploring the challenges and promises presented by our changing cities. Courses encourage learners to interact with contemporary local case studies and with current practice-based research. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/public-sector/city-building, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-9957. 

Construction Management and Administration

The Construction Management and Administration Certificate explores the planning, technical, financial, and legal aspects of the construction business to allow learners to develop and expand their managerial skills and advance their careers. Courses in this program are accredited for the Gold Seal certification (Canadian Construction Association) and for the Blue Seal certificate (Alberta Advanced Education—Apprenticeship and Industry Training). The certificate requires a minimum of seven courses to graduate. Enhancement opportunities are available via our Trenchless Technologies Series. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/environmental-studies/construction-administration, e-mail cst@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5532.

Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association Spring Session

The Spring Term for Adults 50+ is offered in partnership between the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association (ELLA) and the Faculty of Extension. The program is offered annually during the first three weeks of May on the University of Alberta North campus. Participants choose up to four classes daily from more than 30 general interest courses in areas such as anthropology, history, philosophy, drawing, and painting, psychology, music, literature and political science. To register, participants must be members in good standing of ELLA. For more information, visit my-ella.com, e-mail exella@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5055.

Environmental Resource Management

The Environmental Resource Management Certificate prepares professionals at various career levels to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing and changing environmental sector. Knowledge and understanding of environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in business decision-making. The Environmental Resources Management Certificate is comprised of six core courses and 165 instructional hours of electives. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/environmental-studies/environmental-resource-management, e-mail erm@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5532. 

Global Leadership

The Global Leadership Advanced Citation is for individuals interested in working within a global context. This advanced citation is comprised of three fully online courses which cover communication across cultures; complex intercultural situations; cultural perspectives; what influences individual values, beliefs and actions; and leadership practices within different international organizations. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/global-leadership, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-4315. 

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management Certificate is for anyone working in human resources, as well as for individuals working in, or aspiring to fill, a supervisory role. This certificate is comprised of eight courses that cover such topics as managing organizational change, interpersonal communication, maintaining healthy labour relations, organizational behaviour, and interviewing techniques. Participants review current challenges and issues to gain a greater understanding and effective strategic thinking applied to the day-to-day operation of the human resources role. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/hr-management, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3027. 

Indigenous Community Engagement

The Indigenous Community Engagement Citation is designed to provide learners with skills and knowledge that foster better relationships between Canada’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. A land-based course is taught by Indigenous scholars and Elders. Learners will leave with a better understanding of Indigenous worldviews and the way in which differing worldviews may impact relationship building and engagement. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/indigenous-relations/indigenous-community-engagement​, e-mail arep@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-7237.

Indigenous Community-Industry Relations

The Indigenous Community-Industry Relations Certificate (ICIR) is designed as a catalyst for community engagement between Indigenous people, industry, and government. Lessons build upon Indigenous culture and worldviews as they pertain to legal processes, community development, and the environment. Participants will leave with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that foster better relationships between government, industry, and nations. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/indigenous-relations/indigenous-community-industry-relations, e-mail arep@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-7237.

Information Access and Protection of Privacy

The Information Access and Protection of Privacy Certificate provides an overview of access and privacy legislation and the application of access and privacy principles. It is comprised of five courses. This aware winning program is relevant to both the public and private sectors and is offered entirely via online delivery. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/public-sector/iapp, e-mail iappuofa@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5052 or (780) 492-2862. 

Information Technology Management

The Information Technology Management Certificate was designed in consultation with information technology practitioners, business managers, and industry experts. The certificate is comprised of four core courses and 156 hours of elective courses in areas such as strategic planning, business management, business communication, evolving technologies, and managing change in an organization. This program assists participants with developing the necessary skills to effectively integrate information technology into the business environment. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/it-management, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca or phone (780) 492-3027.


The Advanced Certificate in Leadership is designed to provide emerging and mid-career leaders with the opportunity to learn, experience, develop, and practice leadership skills. This advanced certificate is comprised of six courses that cover topics such as leadership styles and theories, negotiation, relationship management, change leadership, persuasive communication, generating buy-in, goal setting, and problem-solving. For further information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/leadership, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3027. 

Management Development

The Management Development Certificate is designed to equip participants with practical managerial skills and knowledge. The certificate is comprised of three core courses and 156 hours of elective courses. Opportunities are available for those who wish to specialize through the Management Development for Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geoscientists or the Management Development for Police Services Certificate programs. Additionally, some courses are eligible for recognition by various professional associations. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/management-development, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3027.

Managing Organizational Risk

In the Managing Organizational Risk Series, students will learn about risk management concepts and how to apply them in their day-to-day work. Focused on risk management frameworks, tools, and techniques, this three-workshop series will examine risk management looking inwards within the organization and risk management looking outwards. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/managing-organizational-risk, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3027.

National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration

(NACLAA) Level I and NACLAA Level II

The National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA) Level I and II are long-running, award-winning programs that focus on the fundamental theories relating to the ideas, structure, and processes that define local government administration. Courses are offered in online and face‐to‐face format and are open to students across the country. The NACLAA Level I students are required to complete either eight online courses or five online courses and 117 elective hours. Level II credential requires students to complete four online courses. In essence, the NACLAA Level I and II programs can be completed entirely online, but the Level I students that want to have an in-class experience can choose to take up to four face‐to‐face elective courses.

Completion of both the NACLAA Level I and Level II fulfills the educational requirements for the provincial professional designation of Certified Local Government Manager, which is conferred by the Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta. For more information, visit NACLAA Level 1 ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/public-sector/naclaa, NACLAA Level II ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/public-sector/naclaa2, e-mail lgpnacla@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-4315 or (780) 492‐2870.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety Certificate helps practitioners from many different backgrounds develop the competencies needed to effectively develop, implement, and evaluate health and safety programs and systems in a wide variety of occupational settings. The certificate is comprised of 10-12 courses that can be taken in a variety of formats, including online, face-to-face, and blended. The Occupational Health and Safety Certificate helps prepare candidates for registration as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) as well as to obtain the Canadian Registered Safety Technician (CRST) Certification with the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). The program also assists Registered Occupational Hygienists to maintain registration with the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH). For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/health-and-safety/occupational-health-and-safety, e-mail ohs@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3037 or 1-800-808-4784. 

Project Management 

The Project Management Series is comprised of three workshops in which learners will work through an entire case to learn practical skills and knowledge that can immediately apply to their current projects. Courses cover project management principles, project scope, documentation, estimating and budgeting, scheduling, resources leveling, risk, managing stakeholders, and communication. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/project-management, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5066.

Residential Interiors

The Residential Interiors Certificate is comprised of nine courses and provides a comprehensive study of the application of the art and design of interior decorating and the use of principles from related areas of fine arts, architecture, and business. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/art-and-design/residential-interiors, e-mail applarts@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3034 or (780) 492-2408. 

Social Media Marketing and Communications

The Social Media Marketing and Communications Citation examines the rules of this multi-dimensional communication model and explores how individuals and organizations can use social media platforms to actively engage stakeholders in online communities built around their products or services. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/communications/social-media-marketing-and-communications, e-mail applarts@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-1185. 

Soil Science

The Soil Science Series offers specialized studies and enhanced technical capacities via hands-on courses within real-world situations and responsive education. Students will improve their professional skill-set and knowledge in soil science based on current research, regulations, and applications. The courses within this series are also recognized within the Environmental Resource Management Certificate as electives, as well as by the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA) as senior level agrology courses related to entrance into the profession and to augment core knowledge requirements related to practice areas. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/environmental-studies/soil-science, e-mail erm@ualberta.ca, or phone 780-492-5532.

Supervisory Development

The Supervisory Development Citation provides existing, prospective, and new supervisors with the essential theory and applied skills required to be effective leaders within their organizations. The citation is comprised of seven courses. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/supervisory-development, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5066. 

Supply Chain Management 

The Supply Chain Management Training program will equip entry to mid-level practitioners with the necessary skills to support the supply chain function and the related business skills to help advance their careers. Offered in cooperation with the Supply Chain Management Association of Canada, the program meets this need with a series of tactical courses and seminars. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/business-and-leadership/supply-management-training, e-mail busprog@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3027. 

Trenchless Technologies

The Trenchless Technologies Series combines theory and practice within trenchless construction and technology via responsive education and applications geared for the oil and gas, telecommunications, and infrastructure industries. Workshops within this series offer concepts to maximize material selection and procurement, streamline construction, increase output while minimizing disruptions and risk, geotechnical considerations, and related construction innovations. The Trenchless Technologies Series is offered jointly by the Faculty of Extension and the Consortium for Engineered Trenchless Technologies (CETT). For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/environmental-studies/trenchless-technologies, e-mail erm@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5532.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Citation and Certificate are entry-level programs that provide instruction in the techniques and skills of drawing, painting and design. Professional artists/instructors provide critiques and help in building a portfolio reflective of the learner’s artistic vision and mastery. Visual Arts courses can also be taken for general interest. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/art-and-design/visual-arts, e-mail applarts@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3034. 

Water Resource Management

Through the integration of current research, regulation, policies, and applications, the Water Resource Management Series offers practical knowledge and skills for enhanced professional education. Courses within the series are also recognized as electives within the Environmental Resource Management Certificate, and as senior level agrology courses related to entrance into the profession and to augment core knowledge requirements related to practice areas with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/environmental-studies/water-resource, e-mail erm@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-5532.

Workplace Wellness Leadership

The Workplace Wellness Leadership Series is designed to empower managers, HR personnel, and OHS professionals to design, create, and lead workplace health and wellness initiatives, while addressing the psychological hazards and elements needed to overcome them. In this series of three seminars, learners will examine the key leadership concepts and skills necessary to effectively lead workplace wellness initiatives for their organizations. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/health-and-safety/workplace-wellness, e-mail ohs@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3037.

World Languages

A range of general interest courses is offered, such as Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. The focus is on the development of language proficiency through the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing with a greater emphasis on oral communication. The cultural, historical and social aspects of the various languages provide learning contexts. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/communications/world-languages, e-mail applarts@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-3034. 

Writing and Editing

The Writing and Editing program offers general interest courses and workshops dealing with the basics of general writing, creative writing (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, writing for digital media, technical and professional writing, editing, and publishing. These areas are of interest to those who have chosen writing as a career, write primarily for personal expression and satisfaction, or would like to improve their writing for business or academic purposes. For more information, visit ualberta.ca/extension/continuing-education/programs/communications/writing-and-editing, e-mail applarts@ualberta.ca, or phone (780) 492-1185.