Oct 04, 2022  
University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023 
University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023

Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies

Please note [Apr. 25, 2022] - Addenda. Multiple changes were made to this page, including the removal of sections for eligibility requirements, acceptance, coursework, other program requirements, continuation, and academic standing.  A section for certificate requirements was added, and the section for completion was revised.  See Amendments to the Calendar  for more information.

The Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies will provide undergraduate students with opportunities for learning that will forge leadership skills and competences through academic courses and co-curricular programming which engages experiential learning, a diverse range of leadership styles, and commitment to ethical behavior and social responsibility. Undergraduates will also have access to excellence in mentorship by individuals with proven leadership qualities in the local, national and international communities. The certificate will be available to all undergraduate students.

While completing the undergraduate program in their respective Faculties, students will complete a minimum of 12 units from the list of designated courses that have a leadership focus or contain significant leadership content. In addition, students will be encouraged to participate in leadership-related co-curricular activities. Voluntary participation in co-curricular activities may include a Stretch Experience, mentoring from community and industry leaders, attending Lougheed College Lectures, Lougheed Leadership Forums, or Leader Communication Training.

Certificate Requirements

Students may pursue the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies by fulfilling existing requirements for completion in their respective disciplines, and by completing the following:

  • INT D 101  (3 units)
  • Indigenous Perspectives co-requisite: UofA Indigenous Canada MOOC (provide certificate of completion) OR NS 201  (3 Credits). Students are encouraged to complete the co-requisite by year two of their program. Students who can provide proof of completing Aboriginal Studies 30, via a high school transcript, are considered to have satisfied this co-requisite.
  • 6 units in elective courses from the preapproved list of academic courses endorsed by the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) at the 100- to 300-level
  • INT D 407  (3 units) OR 3 units in an alternate 400-level course from the pre-approved list of academic capstone courses endorsed by the PLLC


  1. Students will register for the Certificate by completing an “intention to complete the certificate” form available on the Peter Lougheed Leadership College website.
  2. Students will apply to graduate with the certificate by submitting an application to the Faculty of Business Undergraduate Office by February 1 for Spring Convocation and September 1 for Fall Convocation.
  3. No more than half of the course requirements for this certificate may overlap with the requirements of another certificate.
  4. Students will receive the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies upon completion of all program requirements for their primary degree program and the successful completion of all courses in the certificate program.

This is an embedded certificate; the certificate will only be awarded when the degree is awarded.