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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Distribution Management [Business]

Description of Field

This field addresses the systems and facilities which physically deliver products to consumers. It includes such topics as optimal plant and warehouse location, management of complex inventories, and the relationship of storing and moving goods to the marketing and purchasing strategy of a business. The success of many businesses and government organizations depends on how quickly and efficiently they can bridge the gaps between location of sources of products and the location requirements of the consumers who use these products.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities for employment are found in large and small organizations with complex distribution systems. Examples include organizations with a large number of products and outlets, as well as organizations where products or services must be delivered in a timely manner. Specialists in Distribution Management design and locate production facilities, warehouses, and product networks. Employment opportunities exist in many diverse industries.

Sequence of Courses

Year Two—Winter

Year Three

Year Four

  • MGTSC 461 (See Note 3)
  • ★9 in Distribution Management electives (See Note 4)
  • ★18 in free electives (See Note 1)


  1. See Policy on Elective Courses  
  2. May be taken in any year except Year Two, Fall Term.
  3. May be taken in either of Year Three or Year Four.
  4. Distribution Management electives may be chosen from any 400-level MGTSC courses and from a list of additional approved courses available from the Department of Finance and Statistical Analysis office.
  5. Students planning to take advanced course work in Economics may wish to substitute ECON 281 . See Policy on Elective Courses (4) . ECON courses used to satisfy the requirements of this major may not also be used to satisfy the requirements for coursework outside the Faculty of Business.


  1. Students with a declared major in Distribution Management may choose to do a minor in any subject area of Business. See Minors for Business Students  . Minors are not required. Students are urged to select areas that complement the major. Students may also wish to consider the Cooperative Education program (see BCom (Cooperative Education Program) ).
  2. Students with a declared major in another area may not choose a minor in Distribution Management. Interested students should consult the Marketing major or the Operations Management major for information on minors in those areas.
  3. Students wishing to construct informal programs of study outside the Faculty of Business should consider the following suggestions:
    1. Economics: Any senior ECON course, with Departmental approval.
    2. Statistics/Mathematics: Additional work is recommended for students who are interested in research and/or graduate work.