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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minors for Business Students

All students must select a major area of concentration at the beginning of Year Three. Most students are not required to but may select a minor area of concentration at any time thereafter. Minors are available for most students in most major areas. Students in International Business must choose a minor.

Minors in Business

A minor area of concentration in Business is created in the following way:

  1. Any area of Business may be chosen if it meets the conditions below.
  2. A minimum of ★12 credits in one area is required.
  3. Courses eligible are any in the Faculty of Business at the 300- or 400-level beyond the primary core.
  4. An area is defined as
    1. any group of courses with the same course prefix, i.e., ACCTG, FIN, MARK, SMO, or
    2. any group of courses designated as International Business courses (eligible courses listed in Major in International Business ), or
    3. any group of courses approved by a Department as sufficient to constitute a minor within a major area of study. For Department approved minors under this definition, students should consult the description of the major.
  5. Individual study courses, special projects courses, internships, competitions, and special topics courses in the Faculty of Business may be acceptable as coursework toward the relevant minor. Students should consult the Undergraduate Office in Business for information.
  6. Courses required to be taken by a student to fulfill major requirements will not normally be permitted to be used to satisfy requirements of a minor. Exceptions exist where explicitly permitted in the descriptions of the major.

Minors outside Business

Students are strongly urged to consider coursework outside the Faculty of Business as complementary to their Business studies. A considerable advantage may be obtained by the disciplined study of advanced material in other Faculties. Students should be aware that many majors require coursework outside the Faculty of Business and all programs strongly recommend students investigate courses available in other Faculties for complementary courses.

  1. Students in all majors may complete minors in other Faculties by completing the requirements of that minor as listed in the relevant section of the Calendar.
  2. Students in the Management Information Systems Major may pursue a Minor in Computing Science [see Major in Management Information Systems ].

Students may not take courses extra to their degree for the sole purpose of satisfying requirements for a minor area of concentration.