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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Science (BSc) [Augustana]

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The Bachelor of Science degree consists of ★120 arts and science, including at least ★66 science (see Classification of Courses ). The ★120 in the program are made up of the Foundation, Engagement and Knowledge components of the Augustana Core, a major subject, an optional minor, and options, as follows:

The Augustana Core: Foundation

The Augustana Foundation requirement is met by the completion of one of the following courses:

The Augustana Core: Engagement

Engagement requirements consist of five different categories. A student must complete ★12 from at least three of the five categories up to the maximum indicated; courses which satisfy these requirements may overlap with a student’s major:

  • Creative & Imaginative Process (maximum ★6)
  • Diversity and Global Studies (maximum ★6)
  • Environmental Sustainability (maximum ★6)
  • Experiential Learning (maximum ★6)
  • Integrating Knowledge (maximum ★3)

For more detail on which courses may be counted towards these categories, see Augustana Chart 1 Core Engagement Requirements .

The Augustana Core: Knowledge

The ★21 Breadth of Knowledge requirements consist of four different categories; the ★21 credits counted towards these categories may not overlap with a student’s first major:

★3 Fine Arts
★6 Humanities
★6 Science
★6 Social sciences

For the actual classification of Augustana courses within these categories, see Classification of Courses .

Note: The same credit may not be counted twice in courses that relate to more than one category within the Foundation, Engagement and Knowledge components of the Augustana Core; that is, a total of 36 different credits must be earned to fulfill these requirements.

Major subject:

★42-60 in one discipline or approved interdisciplinary area (with the minimum number of credits specified by the discipline or approved interdisciplinary area), including no more than ★12 at the junior level (except when required in a discipline with a performance component or in an interdisciplinary program that requires junior courses from several different disciplines) and including a minimum of ★9 at the 300- and 400-level, of which at least ★3 must be at the 400-level. Normally no more than ★60 in one discipline will be credited towards the degree. In some cases, a major may also require courses in one or more disciplines outside the major; these may be prerequisites for specific courses in the major and/or courses supporting the major in a more general way (up to a maximum of ★24).

Note: A student should be aware that it may not be possible to complete certain combinations of majors, or combinations of majors and minors, without extending the time required to earn the degree.

Optional minor:

A minimum of ★18 in one discipline or approved interdisciplinary area, including at least ★12 at the senior level.


★0-21 (or more, depending on the amount of overlap between the core and the requirements for the major, and/or minor) of the student’s choice, (see General Regulations Governing Course Selections ). A student may choose to use options to work toward a minor, or second major but should be aware that a double major normally requires more than ★120 in the degree program.

Residence Requirement

Students registered in a BSc program must complete at least ★60 offered by the Augustana Faculty, at least ★54 of which must be at the senior level. However, language or other study abroad may, with special permission of the Associate Dean, Academic, count toward the residency requirement.

Note: Students transferring into this degree program within the framework of a Faculty-approved transfer agreement must complete ★60 of the final credits of their degree program with credits offered by the Augustana Faculty.

BSc Major/Minor Requirements



Computing Science

Environmental Science (BSc)/Environmental Studies (BA)


Mathematics and Physics

Physical Education


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