Jan 20, 2022  
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Psychology [Augustana]

A student may choose a BA or BSc in Psychology. See Augustana Faculty  for Admission Requirements.

Additional Requirements

  • ★12 additional at a senior level in Psychology.
  • An additional ★6 Psychology at the 400-level.

Additional information for students

  • A student should take AUPSY 213  and the chosen/required 200-level courses, in the second year.
  • AUPSY 313  should be taken in the third year.
  • A student who is considering graduate studies in Psychology is advised to take AUPSY 313  in the third year and AUPSY 408 /AUPSY 409 , AUPSY 497 , and AUPSY 499  in the fourth year.
  • Many senior Psychology courses are offered in alternate years only.

Recommended first-year program