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University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 
University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Degree of MSc (Computing Science) [Graduate]

Entrance Requirements

Candidates for the MSc degree in computing science should have a four-year undergraduate degree or the equivalent from a recognized university, with adequate background in computing science and mathematics. Students who do not meet these requirements must take additional courses to those required in the MSc program, either concurrently with the graduate program or in a year of study prior to admission as MSc candidates. Students can apply for direct admission to the MSc course-based program.

Program Requirements

Two routes to the MSc degree are available, a thesis-based route and a course-based route. Students in the thesis-based MSc program are required to complete a minimum of ★15 in graduate-level courses (★18 for the Statistical Machine Learning specialization) including CMPUT 603  and write a dissertation. Students must have a background similar to the University of Alberta BSc Specialization in Computing Science program. Students in the course-based MSc program are required to complete ★30 - 36 in graduate-level courses, including CMPUT 603  and a ★6 essay course. Students who do not obtain an average of 2.7 overall in the first year of study may be asked to withdraw from the graduate program.

The minimum period of residence for the thesis-based MSc is two four-month terms of full-time attendance at the University of Alberta. There is no full-time residence requirement for a course-based MSc.

Length of Program

Master’s students are expected to complete their program in less than two years. The maximum time limit for thesis-based students is four years and for course-based students is six years.