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University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 
University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The MBA/MEng Joint Program (Civil and Environmental Engineering) [Graduate]

The Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Engineering offer a program of joint study which enables students to earn both the MBA and MEng degrees after two calendar years of full-time study. Only students with an undergraduate degree in engineering are admissible to this program. For application information, entrance requirements and other details, refer to The MBA/MEng Combined Program   of the University Calendar.

Program Requirements

The MBA/MEng Joint program requires 20 first-year ★1.5 MBA courses, ORG A 641, three second-year ★3 elective MBA courses, and seven ★3 graduate engineering courses, as approved by the Department, plus ENGG 600. In addition, one engineering project, equivalent to two ★3 courses and having a significant business related component, will be required. The project will be co-supervised by a professor from the Faculty of Business and a professor from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Length of Program

Students will normally take the 20 first-year MBA courses in their first two semesters. The program can be completed in two calendar years if students are enrolled on a full-time basis. The duration of the total program must not exceed six consecutive calendar years.