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University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 
University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDPS 514 - Gender Issues in Educational Administration

★ 3 (fi 6) (either term, 3-0-0) This course explores the ways in which concepts of gender, leadership, and organizations intersect in the practices of administrators in educational settings. Using gender as an analytical perspective, the course provides an overview of the ways in which feminist and gender-based research challenges traditional theories about leadership in educational organizations. Topics for discussion and re-conceptualization include bureaucracy, power and authority, concepts and locations of leadership, administrative styles and ethics, and current educational policy as they inform practice for gendered subjects in educational settings. The implications of a gendered analysis for the work of educational administrators will be explored. Sections may be offered in a Cost Recovery format at an increased rate of fee assessment; refer to the Fees Payment Guide in the University Regulations and Information for Students section of the Calendar.