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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty of Business

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Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

  1. Academic Requirements

    The minimum requirement for admission is the successful completion of ★24 University transferable including the following or their equivalents: ★6 in junior level English which includes any 100 level ENGL and a maximum of ★3 in WRS; ECON 101 , ECON 102 ; MATH 113  or MATH 114 ; STAT 151 .

    Students must present a minimum GPA of 2.3.

    Students taking their preprofessional year in another Faculty or program are expected to choose courses consistent with the program in which they are enrolled. Students should also consult the Business section of the Calendar (Programs of Study ) for information concerning courses to be taken in the preprofessional year as part of the requirements for particular majors.

  2. Cohort Program
    The Faculty of Business admits students in two categories, cohort students and non-cohort students. The cohort group consists of students entering directly into second year who are required to take all their primary core courses (see Courses in the Faculty of Business ) together in cohort groups of approximately 64. There are a number of cohort schedules from which to choose. The purpose of the cohort program is to provide students with opportunities to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills, and to better integrate them into the Faculty of Business, both personally and academically (see General Information ). Cohort applicants and non-cohort applicants will be ranked separately for admission purposes (see Selection Process). Registration in cohort sections will normally be restricted to cohort students.
  3. Selection Process
    1. The Faculty of Business is a limited enrolment Faculty. Admission is not guaranteed to all qualified applicants.

      Qualified applicants are ranked according to their grade point average in the most recent Fall/Winter consisting of at least ★15.

    2. Qualified applicants will have completed their preprofessional year with all required preprofessional courses and a minimum of ★24 University transferable courses, with ★15 completed in one Fall/Winter. For ranking purposes, qualified applicants will be separated into two pools:
      1. Cohort Applicant Pool includes applicants with a minimum of ★24 and a maximum of ★39 University transferable coursework, with credit in no more than one of the primary core courses (see Courses in the Faculty of Business ) in the Faculty of Business; and
      2. Non-cohort Applicant Pool includes applicants
        1. with more than ★39 University transferable, or
        2. credit in two or more of the primary core courses (see Courses in the Faculty of Business ) in the Faculty of Business, or
        3.  with a non-Business degree from an approved postsecondary institution.

Applicants will be ranked within their respective pools and offers of admission made based upon this ranking within residency categories (see Residence Requirements ).

Applicants who do not possess all of the required preprofessional courses, but are otherwise admissible, may be considered for admission where space exists within one of the two applicant pools. Such applicants will be normally required to present a higher grade point average than those admitted under Selection Process (1). Offers of admission will be based upon the grade point average in the most recent Fall/Winter, consisting of a minimum of ★15. Missing prerequisite courses are required to be made up in the first year of the program following admission.

  1. Transfer Applicants
    Transfer credit may be granted depending on the nature of the program, applicability of the courses taken, and results achieved to a maximum of ★60, inclusive of the ★24 required for admission. Any courses to be considered for transfer credit to the BCom program must normally have been completed within eight years before admission to the Faculty.
  2. Early Admission
    Students who have completed or who have in progress all the necessary prerequisite courses are urged to apply to the Faculty of Business early to be eligible for early admission. Students are eligible for early admission if they meet the following minimum requirements:
    1. three or more of the prerequisite courses completed;
    2. remaining prerequisite courses, if any, in progress; and
    3. at least one previous academic term with a minimum ★9 University transferable on which to calculate a GPA.

Students offered early admission are required to meet the conditions set forth in their offer letter, including:

  1. submission of final documents by the June 15 deadline;
  2. satisfaction of all admission requirements; and
  3. presentation of a competitive final admission GPA.

Failure to meet the conditions of the early admission offer will result in refusal to the program and cancellation of any course registration.

Early admission cannot be considered until transcripts are received by the Undergraduate office.

Generally, see Offers of Admission  on early admissions.

  1. Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce
    Applicants to the Bilingual BCom will generally complete their preprofessional requirements in the Faculté Saint-Jean. Applicants who have not completed their preprofessional requirements at Faculté Saint-Jean are normally required to complete the preprofessional requirements in French at a recognized institution. Students transferring to Faculté Saint-Jean with one or more of the preprofessional requirements from another approved postsecondary institution must satisfy the admission and transfer credit requirements of Faculté Saint-Jean prior to applying to the Faculty of Business. See Regulations of the Faculté Règlements de la Faculté . Following the completion of the preprofessional year, students apply to the Faculty of Business in accordance with Academic Requirements and Selection Process.

    For students intending to pursue the Bilingual BCom, the following courses are accepted as equivalent coursework for the purposes of Academic Requirements:

★6 in ANGL or ENGL
ECONE 101  
ECONE 102 
MATHQ 113 or 114
STATQ 151  

Note: ALS and EAP courses are not acceptable equivalents to ANGL or ENGL.

Students with a competitive grade point average will be offered two admission alternatives.

  1. They may continue in the Bilingual BCom program by completing their second year at the Faculté Saint-Jean and remaining registered as a student in the Faculté Saint-Jean. They will be guaranteed admission to the Faculty of Business the following year if they follow the program of studies (see Bilingual BCom ) for the Bilingual BCom and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or better. After completion of their second year at Faculté Saint-Jean, students must take the following steps to confirm their admission:
    1. submit an Application for Readmission or Internal Transfer form by the application deadline,
    2. submit a copy of their guaranteed admission form.

Students who do not submit a copy of their guaranteed admission form will be charged an application fee. Upon receipt of these documents, students who have maintained the 2.0 grade point average for guaranteed admission, will be sent a Permission to Register letter and registration instructions.

  1. They may elect to enter the Faculty of Business immediately and pursue the regular BCom degree.
  1. Readmission of Previous Students

    Students previously enrolled in the Faculty of Business who have interrupted their studies by as much as an academic year or more must apply for readmission by completing an Application for Admission, Readmission or Internal Transfer form available from the Office of the Registrar.

    Readmission after being required to withdraw will normally not be approved until at least one year after the withdrawal. Students applying for readmission to the Faculty of Business after being required to withdraw are not normally required to complete a minimum amount of coursework in another institution prior to application. Applicants for all such readmissions must be interviewed by the Undergraduate Admission Committee of the Faculty.

  2. Aboriginal Applicants
    See Admission of Aboriginal Applicants .

BCom Honors Program

Honors programs in Business are available in several areas (see BCom Honors Accounting , BCom Honors Finance  and Honors in Management Science ). Application to the Honors program is normally made immediately prior to or during Year Three of the BCom program. However, qualified students in any year are encouraged to apply. Acceptance may depend on whether the students have room in their programs to complete Honors requirements. Prospective students must be currently in the BCom program, or have been accepted for admission to the BCom program. Students must normally present a minimum GPA of 3.7. Admission decisions will be made jointly by the Undergraduate Office in Business and the Department responsible for administering the particular Honors program to which the student is applying.

Specific requirements for each program are listed below:

  1. Honors in Accounting
    1. Students must complete all requirements of Year Two of the BCom program.
    2. Students must complete ACCTG 414 .
    3. Students must normally present a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 on all coursework taken since admission to the Bachelor of Commerce program.
    4. Admission will be based on a combination of the student’s academic record, performance in Accounting courses to date, a letter of intent and interview.
  2. Honors in Finance
    1. Students must normally present a minimum GPA of 3.7.
    2. Students will normally have received a grade of A- or higher in ECON 101 , ECON 102 , MATH 113  or MATH 114  and STAT 151 , or have otherwise demonstrated excellence in their academic Program.
  3. Honors in Management Science
    See requirements for Honors in Finance.

Diploma in Corporate Finance

For information concerning this program, please contact the Undergraduate Programs Office in the Faculty of Business, 2-20 Business Building.