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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty Regulations

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Students should consult the following regulations of the Augustana Faculty in tandem with the University Regulations in Academic Schedule  to Code of Applicant Behaviour , with particular attention to Registration and Fees  and Academic Regulations .

Admission and Transfer

If students who are registered in an Augustana degree program wish to enrol in a course offered by another institution and apply the credits for this course toward the Augustana degree, they must obtain the approval of their Academic Adviser before registering for the course. If approval is granted students must then obtain a Visiting Student Authorization letter from the Office of the Registrar at Augustana Campus. Please note that Augustana guarantees consideration for transfer of credits only to courses explicitly identified in the Visiting Student Authorization letter. Credits to be transferred from the other institution are judged on the same basis as transfer credits granted at the time of admission.

Residential Requirement

Augustana is a residential institution, and living in residence is a valuable part of the total educational experience. Living on campus provides maximum opportunity to benefit from university life. The residence hall program is specifically designed to provide an environment that promotes the development of the whole person.

The policy requiring all students to live in residence for at least one year is an indication of Augustana Faculty’s commitment to this enriching experience. The requirement to live on campus does not apply to:

  • part-time students.
  • married students.
  • students who are 21 years of age or older at the time of their registration for the academic year.
  • students living with family in the Camrose area.
  • students whose medical needs cannot be met by Augustana Faculty.

Students with special circumstances not indicated in the exemptions listed above may appeal the requirement to live on campus, in writing, to the Housing Review Committee.


General regulations for students regarding Registration are contained in Registration and Fees .

  1. Deadlines: Students should familiarize themselves with the deadlines pertaining to registration, as outlined in Academic Schedule , and be aware that these deadlines are strictly enforced.
  2. Student Responsibility: Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with program requirements and limitations as specified in the Calendar and for ensuring their programs are properly planned in accordance with degree specifications. Please read the Calendar carefully before registering in courses, and if you are in doubt about any regulations pertaining to your program, consult the Office of the Registrar, Augustana Faculty, for clarification.
  3. Academic Advice: A student is encouraged to consult an Admissions Counsellor when selecting courses for the first year of university studies. Academic advice is provided by Academic Advisers to assist a student in registering for subsequent years of studies.
  4. Failure to ‘drop’ a course: Students who do not formally withdraw from a course but who are absent from the final examination without excuse [see Absence from Final Exams ] will be given a mark of zero (0) on the final examination. The final grade in the course will then be determined by combining the appropriately weighted term grade and the assigned zero in the final examination, the mathematical result rounded to the lowest whole number. Students who register in a course but do not attend and do not formally withdraw will receive a grade of F1.
  5. Change in program: A student who wishes to change from one major, minor, or degree program to another within the Augustana Faculty must consult with an Academic Adviser. A student wishing to change degree program, or transfer into another Faculty, should also consult Readmission or Internal Ttransfer  for requirements on readmission and internal transfer.
  6. Withdrawal from Augustana: A student who wishes to withdraw from Augustana must first discuss the matter with the Assistant Registrar, Augustana Campus. At the discretion of the Assistant Registrar, Augustana Campus, the student may be referred to the University Counsellor and/or the Director, Student and Residence Services. If appropriate, the Assistant Registrar, Augustana Campus, will receive a report from the personnel specified above before issuing the “Withdrawal Form”. All deadlines related to withdrawals are strictly enforced; students should consult Academic Schedule  and Registration .
  7. Auditing courses: Students interested in registering to audit one or more courses in the Augustana Faculty should refer to Auditors .

Attendance, Evaluations and Grading

Since presence at lectures, participation in classroom discussions and projects, and the completion of assignments are important components of most courses, students will serve their interests best by regular attendance. Those who choose not to attend must assume whatever risks are involved. Students should pay close attention to any further requirements on attendance and class participation indicated on course outlines (see Evaluation Procedures and Grading System ). As well, students should refer to Attendance  for specific regulations regarding exams.

Every student’s performance will be evaluated at least two times per term in each course. The evaluations may take the form of tests, essays, and/or other assignments. The results of at least one evaluation in each course will be available to students no later than the eighth week of the term. For further information on evaluations, grading, and exams, see Evaluation Procedures and Grading System  and Examinations (Exams) .

No examination valued at more than 20% of the final grade (10% in two term Fall/Winter courses) shall be scheduled during the last ten instructional days of the Fall or Winter term.

No student shall be required to write three final exams in one day (i.e., in the morning, afternoon, and evening exam periods). Should a student have three exams scheduled in one day, the student should contact the Office of the Registrar at Augustana as soon as possible for assistance in rescheduling one exam to another time within that final examination period.

Policy on Academic Dishonesty

For information on Academic Dishonesty, including definitions, potential sanctions, the discipline process, and procedures for appeal, a student should consult the University of Alberta Code of Student Behaviour. Amendments to the Code of Student Behaviour occur throughout the year. The official version of the Code of Student Behaviour, as amended from time to time, is housed on the University Governance website at www.governance.ualberta.ca.

Academic Standing and Graduation

Determination of Academic Standing

Academic standing is assessed based on a student’s GPA. (Rules for computing the GPA are listed in Evaluation Procedures and Grading System .) Students are expected to maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA. Students who do not maintain this level of academic performance may be permitted to continue under academic warning or may be required to withdraw.

The assignment and reassignment of academic standing is based on a student’s performance in a minimum of ★12. If, at the time of review, the student has attempted fewer than ★12 since the last assignment of academic standing, there will be a program review, but the assessment of academic standing will be deferred and the academic standing assigned at the last review will remain in effect until the next review

A review of academic performance is conducted for each student at the end of each Fall/Winter, based on all courses completed during Fall/Winter. In addition, any courses taken during the preceding Spring/Summer will be included in the review. Students whose assessment was deferred at the last review will be assessed on the cumulative results of all courses completed since their last academic standing assignment.

Implications of Academic Standing

  1. First-Class standing and the Dean’s List: First-class standing in a given year is awarded to any undergraduate student who obtains a GPA of at least 3.5, the GPA to be computed on a minimum of ★24 taken during Fall/ Winter. Students who attend in only one term of the Fall/Winter are eligible if they complete at least ★12 with a minimum GPA of 3.5. Dean’s List: This designation is given to students who achieve a GPA of at least 3.7 on a minimum of ★18 in Fall/Winter. Students who attend for only one term of Fall/Winter are eligible if they complete at least ★9 with a minimum GPA of 3.7.
  2. Satisfactory Standing: Satisfactory standing is given to a student who achieves a GPA of at least 2.0. Students with satisfactory standing are academically eligible to continue studies in Augustana Faculty.
  3. Marginal standing: Marginal standing is given to a student who achieves a GPA of 1.7 to 1.9. Students with marginal standing will be placed on academic warning and will normally have one period of assessment to return to satisfactory standing. Students failing to return to satisfactory standing will be required to withdraw from Augustana Faculty. Students with marginal standing will also be required to withdraw if they have previously had unsatisfactory or marginal standing at the end of any period of assessment at Augustana Faculty or have previously been required to withdraw from Augustana, another Faculty, or another postsecondary institution.
  4. Unsatisfactory standing: Unsatisfactory standing is given to a student who obtains a GPA less than 1.7. Students with unsatisfactory standing will be required to withdraw from Augustana Faculty.

Other Regulations Related to Academic Standing

  1. A student who has been required to withdraw from Augustana or any other Faculty, or from another postsecondary program, will not be considered for readmission until at least one full year has elapsed.
  2. A student who has been required to withdraw from Augustana or any other Faculty after having previously been required to withdraw from Augustana, another Faculty, or from another postsecondary institution will not be considered for readmission except by special permission of the Associate Dean, Academic.

Documentation of Academic Standing

At the end of each academic year, a statement of grades is available on Bear Tracks (https://www.beartracks.ualberta.ca).


Grades Required in Courses Presented for the Bachelor’s Degree

  1. Courses presented for the Bachelor’s degree are limited to those in which a grade of at least D has been attained. If a student has successfully completed more than the number of credits required for the degree, the courses presented to satisfy all the requirements are chosen to the student’s advantage.
  2. A student must achieve a Graduation Grade Point Average (GGPA) of at least 2.0 to be eligible for a bachelor’s degree. The GGPA is based on the last ★90 presented for the degree (whether earned at Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta or elsewhere).
  3. A student must achieve a GPA of at least 2.0 in each declared area of study. Each GPA major or minor is calculated over all presented courses that apply to the area of study, including those courses contributing to the first ★30.
  4. The degree is awarded “with distinction” to a student who achieves a GGPA (as defined in item 2, above) of at least 3.5.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Students wishing to receive an Augustana Faculty degree at an upcoming convocation must apply for graduation on Bear Tracks (https://www.beartracks.ualberta.ca) in accordance with the deadlines specified in Academic Schedule . Also see Graduation . The University of Alberta Augustana Faculty will hold one convocation ceremony each year at Augustana campus, normally scheduled in June. Students registered in Augustana Faculty who are eligible to graduate in Fall may attend the Fall convocation held on North campus.
  2. In order to graduate, a candidate must fulfill all program requirements and satisfy the grade point average and residence requirements specified above.
  3. If a graduand has not paid all outstanding fees and accounts, the degree parchment and transcripts will be withheld until all amounts owing are paid in full.

Grievances and Appeals

A copy of the Augustana Faculty regulations regarding appeals on grades and academic standing may be obtained from the Augustana Learning~Advising~Beyond Office. Certain academic standing decisions made by the Augustana Faculty Academic Appeals Committee may be appealed to the General Faculties Council Academic Appeals Committee. See Appeals and Grievances .

Note: Deadlines exist for submission of appeals. Contact the Faculty for details.