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University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024

Bachelor of Science Physics Subject Area

General Information

The subject area requirements listed on this page are part of the Bachelor of Science  offered by the Faculty of Science. Students must ensure they are familiar with and follow all University Regulations  and Faculty of Science Regulations  in addition to the program requirements outlined below.

To find a description about this area of study, please visit Our Degrees of the Faculty of Science webpage.

Subject Area Courses

Physics subject area courses include all courses at the 200-level or higher that satisfy specific requirements or options in the respective Honors or Major requirements, as listed below, and all courses at the 200-level or above with course designators ASTRO, BIOPH, GEOPH, MA PH, and PHYS.

Subject area courses are used in various subject area GPA calculations. Please see Faculty of Science Admission Requirements , Academic Standing , Internal Changes to Program and/or Subject Area  and Graduation  for more information.

Honors in Physics Requirements

Major in Physics Requirements

Minor in Physics Requirements

Foundation Courses

Senior Courses

6 units from:

  • any 200-, 300-, and 400-level course with the following course designators:
    • MA PH
    • PHYS

6 units from:

  • any 300- and 400-level PHYS course


  1. Upper level PHYS courses may require specific MATH courses as prerequisites. These prerequisites must be considered when choosing Science options.
  2. Not all 200-, 300- and 400-level Physics courses are offered every year so students should plan accordingly.