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University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024

Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

General Information

The Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will provide undergraduate students formal recognition for the innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge that they have acquired and demonstrated over the course of their academic career. The certificate will indicate to employers that the student has an understanding of how innovative and entrepreneurial processes can be leveraged to enhance social and economic outcomes, complementing and extending their primary areas of expertise.

The Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an embedded interdisciplinary certificate. The Faculty of Business is the administrative Unit for the Certificate. Students can earn the certificate while completing their undergraduate degree in one of the participating faculties offering courses that can be counted toward the certificate (ALES, Arts, Augustana, Business, Education, Engineering, Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation, Native Studies, and Science).

Normally the requirements for the Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship can be completed as part of the requirements for a student’s degree; however, in some cases, a student may need to take more than the minimum number of courses required for their degree program in order to qualify for both the degree and the certificate. The Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be available to undergraduate students who are enrolled in degree programs offered by participating Faculties.


While completing the undergraduate program in their respective Faculties, students will be required to complete a minimum of 12 units from a list of designated courses. 6 units will come from the list of core courses, including 3 units in a required integrative projects course. This required integrative projects course will engage directly with key aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship and serve as the “capstone” experience for participating undergraduate students. In addition to these core courses, students will also be required to complete at least 6 units in electives.

Students will be asked to complete an “intention to complete the certificate” form available on the University of Alberta eHUB website and the Faculty of Business website.

Application for the certificate is made to the Faculty of Business Undergraduate Office by February 1 for Spring Convocation and September 1 for Fall Convocation. At present, this certificate is not available to students who have already completed their degrees or who are not receiving a degree at the appropriate convocation.

Students may pursue the Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship by fulfilling existing requirements for majors, minor or honors in their respective disciplines and by completing the following:

  • 6 units in core courses from the preapproved list of academic courses listed by eHUB and the Faculty of Business.
  • 6 units in elective courses from the preapproved list of academic courses by eHUB and the Faculty of Business


  • A maximum of 3 units from any given course can be used for the certificate.
  • No more than 3 of the 12 units may be transfer credits from other postsecondary institutions .
  • The certificate will be awarded at the time the students earn their undergraduate degree.
  • Must be enrolled in a major that is part of the participating Faculties.
  • Students must be in good academic standing at the time they register for the certificate and they must maintain good academic standing as they pursue the certificate. Students must maintain the minimum GPA for continuation in their respective programs.
  • Students may enroll in this embedded certificate in any year of their undergraduate degree. However, students must complete a core course and two elective courses prior to registering for the final required core course - SEM 331 - Integrative Capstone in Innovation and Entrepreneurship .
  • In order to have the certificate awarded at graduation, students must have completed SEM 331 .
  • No more than half of the course requirements taken for this certificate may overlap with courses taken for another certificate.
  • This Certificate is conceived as an interdisciplinary one, and at least one of the courses in the certificate should ideally be taken from a different Faculty.