Dec 06, 2023  
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024 
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024

Master of Business Administration / Master of Science in Physical Therapy Combined Program (Business)

The Department of Physical Therapy and the Faculty of Business offer a program of combined study which permits highly qualified students to earn both the MSc in Physical Therapy and the MBA degrees after three and a half years of full-time study.

Each student must first be admitted to the MScPT, Department of Physical Therapy. After completing the first 18 months of the MScPT, students are eligible to apply to the combined MBA/MScPT program.

Entrance Requirements

Admission to the MBA will be determined with particular attention given to the student’s past academic achievement and the student’s maturity, interest and a rationale of how such a combined program will enhance their career and professional skills.

The student must provide a letter of intent. The following entrance requirements for the MBA are waived: submission of a GMAT score and a minimum of two years’ work experience. The student will be interviewed by both the Faculty of Business and the Department of Physical Therapy

Program Requirements

The first two years are taken entirely within the MScPT program. The third year is entirely within the MBA program. The fourth year (final year) is then completed entirely in the MScPT program. The physical therapy portion of the program consists of the normal requirements of the MScPT program (see Graduate Programs in Physical Therapy ).

The Business portion of the program consists of 42 units.

Required Business courses (30 units):

Electives (12 units):

  • one (3-unit) MBA core elective from:
  • three (3-unit) courses (9 units total) of MBA or School of Public Health elective.

Prior to completing clinical placements in the final year of study, students must successfully complete a safety screen - objective structured clinical exam (OSCE).

Upon the successful completion of the three and a half year program, candidates will receive both the MScPT and the MBA degrees. The MBA degree will not be conferred prior to the completion of the MScPT degree.

Inquiries regarding the combined MBA/MScPT Combined Degrees program may be directed to the Associate Chair in the Department of Physical Therapy, or the Masters Programs Office in the Faculty of Business.

Academic Standing

A student is subject to the academic standing regulations for the program in which they are registered. For the MScPT refer to Graduate Programs in Physical Therapy  and for the MBA refer to FGSR’s Academic Standing  section of the Calendar. Routes of appeal for grades and for academic standing are those of the teaching Faculty.

If a student withdraws from the MBA program or is required to withdraw because of unsatisfactory academic standing in the MBA program, but wishes to remain in the MScPT degree program, the student may be permitted to continue provided the student retains good academic standing in that program

Length of Program

Students enrolled in the combined program on a full-time basis can complete the program in three and a half calendar years. The duration of the total program must not exceed six consecutive calendar years.