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MLCS Certificate in Translation Studies

While the MLCS Certificate in Translation Studies does not prepare students to be full-fledged translators upon graduation, it provides them with the necessary focus to pursue further training in the profession. Furthermore, since the certificate puts the emphasis on cultural literacy, students who complete its requirements will have honed their skills in their area of specialization and will be ready to embark on many types of careers requiring cultural expertise e.g. the foreign service, foreign trade, business abroad, tourism.

  • Certificate Type: Embedded
  • Application: No
  • Offered by: Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Who can take it: All Undergraduate Students


  1. All students should refer to the certificate website for additional information.
  2. Students not in the Arts, Science and Education faculties should consult with their home faculty’s Undergraduate Programs or Student Services Office to see how the certificate can fit into their programs.

Specialization Requirements (15 Units)


3 units from:

FREN or FRANC or LINGQ or AUFRE at the 300-level

3 units from:

FREN or FRANC or LINGQ or AUFRE at the 400-level


9 units from:

GERM or AUGER at the 300- and/or 400-level (numbered above 304)


Students may apply GERM 443  or GERM 444  to the required 9 units in options if not previously used to fulfill another requirement.


6 units from:

SPAN or AUSPA at the 300-level (excluding 300 and 306)

3 units from:

SPAN or AUSPA at the 400-level


Required Courses (3 units):

  • UKR 413 - Translation in the Global Economy: Ukrainian-English-Ukrainian
12 units from:

UKR at the 300- and/or 400-level in addition to those listed above.

Application to graduate with this certificate:

An Embedded Certificate can only be awarded at the time of Graduation. When Faculty of Arts students apply to graduate in Bear Tracks they must also declare certificate completion (see Academic Schedule ).

Students from other faculties must apply for this certificate through Undergraduate Students Services in the Faculty of Arts by the application deadline for convocation.

Contact Information:

For further information about this certificate program, students should consult with an Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.