Nov 30, 2023  
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024 
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science - General Program

General Information

The BSc in Nutrition and Food Science, General Program provides students with a diverse education in human nutrition and food science. Program details are available on the Faculty website.

Students in the General Program may transfer (i.e., apply for admission) to the Honors in Food Science or Honors in Nutrition programs, the Dietetics Specialization, or the Food Science and Technology Specialization, if they meet the admission requirements. This transfer is normally done after the first year in the General Program.


A student registered in the BSc Nutrition and Food Science, General Program must complete at least 60 units of course weight (normally the last 60 units) while registered in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental  Sciences at the University of Alberta.

All students in the BSc in Nutrition and Food Science, General Program must successfully complete the courses in a common program core , as well as a capstone course .  Students must select a minor  prior to completing 60 units, which also has specific course requirements. 

3 units selected from

  • CHEM 164

  1. Some courses in this 12-unit program requirement will be designated as requirements for certain minors.  Students in these minors must select other courses from this list to satisfy the 12-unit program requirement.
  2. Students with a Minor in Global Health must take NU FS 310  and NUTR 380  as part of this 12-unit program requirement.

3 units selected from

  • ENGL
  • WRS

Capstone Requirement (3 units)

3 units selected from

Minor Requirements (30 units)

Students must complete the requirements for one of the following minors .

Minor in Human Ecology

Students in this minor are eligible to participate in the Human Ecology Practicum Program. To do so, students must take HECOL 408  as part of the minor requirements, and 6 units in HECOL 409  as free electives. HECOL 408  and HECOL 409  must be taken in sequence in the final year of study and an application is required. Please contact the Human Ecology practicum coordinator for more information.