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Major in Media Studies [Arts]

General Information

See Bachelor of Arts  for additional regulations and requirements.  

The interdisciplinary program in Media Studies offers a major. The degree combines required MST courses with approved courses offered in various departments of the Faculty of Arts and, exceptionally, in other Faculties. Information on faculty advisors for this program is available from Media and Technology Studies in the Faculty of Arts.

Media Studies trains students to navigate, analyze, and evaluate, as well as contribute meaningfully and ethically, to today’s global media ecologies. The program offers an in-depth understanding of how our contemporary media landscape has evolved from the invention of the printing press through the cultural industries of twentieth-century mass media to today’s proliferating interactive, participatory, and social media; how individuals as well as commercial and public organizations use media technologies strategically to disseminate memes and messages, to generate narratives of truth, as well as to create and perpetuate ideological discourses; and how human beings draw on and respond to each other’s communicative actions in developing meanings related to identity, power, and belonging.

Requirements for the Major

A major in Media Studies requires 42 units, including a minimum of 30 units and a maximum of 48 units at the senior level, and a minimum of 6 units at the 400-level.

24 units from the list of approved courses, including the following: