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Master of Business Administration / Master of Forestry Combined Program (Business)

The Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Business offer a program of combined study which enables students to earn both the MBA and MF degrees after two calendar years of full-time study.

Each student must complete a Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research application form to be submitted to the Faculty of Business. A letter indicating the intention to apply to the MBA/MF program including a statement of the applicant’s forestry specialization, background and interests should also be enclosed.

Entrance Requirements

Normally only students with a BSc degree in Forestry will be admissible to this program. Applicants must follow the admission procedures and meet the admission requirements of both the Faculty of Business and the Department of Renewable Resources. The recommendation for admission will be made by the MBA/MF Combined Program Selection Committee consisting of representatives from the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. Admission will be recommended only for those students judged to have the ability and motivation to handle the significant demands of the program. Professional experience is highly desired.

Program Requirements

The course requirements are normally as follows:

  • 30 units in required MBA core courses
  • Four 3-unit elective MBA courses
  • Two 3-unit graduate elective courses (Business or Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences)
  • REN R 601
  • REN R 602 and
  • Three other approved 3-unit graduate-level Forestry courses


Students who decide to transfer out of the joint program into the regular MBA or MF program will have to apply and meet the full degree requirements of that program.

Length of Program

Students enrolled in the combined program on a full-time basis can complete the program in two calendar years. Students may undertake the combined program on a part-time basis. The duration of the total program must not exceed six consecutive calendar years.