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University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023 
University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Music [Arts]

Please note [June 9, 2022] - ADDENDA. The requirements for this major were changed.  See Amendments to the Calendar  for more information.

General Information

See Bachelor of Arts  for additional regulations and requirements.

For the degree of BMus, see Bachelor of Music .

Requirements for the Major

A minimum of 30 units to a maximum of 48 units at the senior level and must include a minimum of 6 units at the 400-level.

The Department of Music strongly recommends that students take the following courses in the first year, as they fulfill prerequisites for many senior level courses:


No more than 15 units from MUSIC X24, X25, X26, X27, X39, X40, X41, X42, X43, X44, X46, X47, X48, X92, and X93 may be counted toward the major.

The following course has been approved as a Music option: CATS 381 .