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Major in Economics [Arts]

General Information

See Bachelor of Arts  for additional regulations and requirements.

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Economics majors may choose Mathematics or Statistics from the Faculty of Science as their minor subject rather than a discipline offered by another program in the Faculty of Arts.  See Minors [Science] .

Requirements for the Major

Senior-Level Credit Requirement for ECON

STAT 265  and STAT 266  can be presented in lieu of ECON 299  but are not applicable to the overall senior-level credit requirement for ECON.


  1. To have the greatest possible flexibility in their choice of the 300- and 400-level courses required to complete a concentration in Economics, students should complete all the departmental requirements earlier rather than later in their programs. In particular, students should complete the ECON 101  and ECON 102 ; MATH 154  and MATH 156 ; STAT 161 ECON 281 , ECON 282  and ECON 299  requirements as part of their first 60 units. Students are urged to take MATH 154  as soon as possible, preferably in their first year.
  2. ECON 109 - Basic Writing in Economics I  is a prerequisite for all ECON courses at the 300- and 400-level. ECON 109 will be waived as a prerequisite upon completion of the Assessment of Reading, Comprehension, and Writing in Economics. Students who have successfully completed the Assessment of Reading, Comprehension, and Writing in Economics will not be permitted to enroll/receive credit in ECON 109. Students should complete ECON 109 earlier rather than later in their programs, as part of their first 60 units. Students can contact the Department of Economics for more information about the Assessment.
  3. MATH 154 , MATH 156 , and STAT 161  meet the requirements for 6 units from Non-Arts Discipline(s).
  4. 400-level AREC courses approved as Arts options will be applied as senior level ECON in the major or minor, but will not fulfill 400-level ECON requirements.

Promotion and Graduation Requirements

Promotion from year to year requires a GPA of at least 2.3. Students who wish to return to the Economics Major must present a GPA of 2.3 on a minimum of 9 units in a subsequent Fall/Winter.

Graduation with Majors in Economics requires a graduation average of at least 2.3 with an average of at least 2.3 in all Economics courses.