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Post-Master’s Certificate in Business Fundamentals (Business) [Graduate]

The Post-Master’s Certificate in Business Fundamentals is a free-standing certificate program targeted to doctoral students at the University of Alberta and would be of potential interest to those students for whom knowledge of business foundations would supplement their thesis research, for those working or supervising others in a lab, as well as doctoral students writing grant proposals. The certificate program would provide students with knowledge that could bridge the gap between highly specialized training and career opportunities that require business knowledge. Graduates of the certificate program have the opportunity to apply the certificate courses toward completion of an MBA degree. The certificate consists of a total of 12 credits, three required courses and one elective course chosen from a set list.

Doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows at the University of Alberta may apply to pursue the Post- Master’s Certificate in Business Fundamentals. Admission decisions will be made by the MBA Program Office on the basis of the student’s letter of intent and letter of support from their academic advisor.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to complete the following requirements:

  • ★9 required courses
  • One ★3 elective course from a set list.

Students will be required to achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.7 and upon completion of the above certificate requirements, will receive the Post-Master’s Certificate in Business Fundamentals.


Length of Program

Students enrolled in the Post-Master’s Certificate in Business Fundamentals will typically complete the requirements over two years. Students must complete all certificate requirements within four years.