Jun 25, 2022  
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 
University of Alberta Calendar 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSc in Mechanical Engineering Co-op - Plan II

Engineering Disciplines

To find descriptions of the various disciplines of Engineering, visit Explore our Programs on the Faculty of Engineering website.

Program Requirements

Year 1

Requirements for Year 1 can be found in BSc in Engineering - Qualifying Year .

Information regarding admission to a specialized program from the Qualifying Year Program can be found in Faculty of Engineering Regulations .

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5


See Program and Technical Electives below for restrictions on the four program electives.

Complementary Studies and Impact of Technology on Society (ITS) Electives

See Complementary Studies and Impact of Technology on Society (ITS) Electives  for a list of approved electives.

Program and Technical Electives

The remaining three program electives must be chosen from the following:


Other courses, including graduate-level ENG M and MEC E courses, may be taken with Department approval. Program elective courses (including transfer courses) must be at 300-level or above unless cleared in  advance by the Department or specified for particular streams.

Note that some courses have prerequisites that must be satisfied.


In particular, BME 320, BME 321, and MEC E 485 are especially recommended.

Some of these courses may not be offered every year. See department for details.

Business and Management Elective Stream

Students wishing to obtain an introduction to business and management principles should take ENG M 401  instead of ENG M 310, ENG M 405 as their ITS elective, and ECON 204  as their complementary studies elective in Term 8. In addition, they can choose their program electives from the following:


Note that some of these courses may not be offered every year. See department for details.


Note that admission to FIN 301, MARK 301, SMO 301, SMO 321 is preferentially reserved for students within that Faculty, and is available to engineering students only on a space-available basis.

Credit will only be given for one of E E 404 and ENG M 515, and for one of CIV E 592 and OM 352.

Specific selection of electives should reflect the student’s specific interests and needs.

Aerospace Engineering Elective Stream

Students wishing to specialize in the area of aerospace engineering should choose their three program electives from the following courses: