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Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Secondary) Combined Degrees Program (Augustana)


The Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Secondary) Combined Degrees Program (Augustana) is offered jointly by the Augustana Faculty and the Faculty of Education as an alternative to the BSc followed by a BEd After-Degree (a six-year route). It provides less flexibility in course choice and scheduling than taking the degrees consecutively, because it is designed to meet the minimum requirements of both degrees, as well as teacher certification requirements, in five years.

The program is normally completed in five years, three years in the Augustana Faculty and two years in the Faculty of Education.

Residence Requirement

A student in the Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Secondary) Combined Degrees Program (Augustana) normally will be required to complete at least ★60 of the first ★90 of the program at the Augustana Campus while registered in the Augustana Faculty. Of the courses taken at the Augustana campus, at least ★54 must consist of courses from year 2 and year 3 of the program. In addition, at least ★60 must be completed while registered in the Faculty of Education in the final years of the program.

A student may take as many as ★108 at the Augustana Campus, but will be registered as a student in the Faculty of Education for the final ★60 of the program.

Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Secondary) Combined Degrees Program (Augustana) consists of ★102 arts and science plus ★48 Education. The ★150 in the program are made up of core and general requirements, Education requirements, a major subject, a minor subject, and options, as follows:

Selection of Courses

The following regulations govern the degrees program:

  1. A student’s program must be approved by an advisor in the appropriate Faculty prior to the start of each Fall/Winter.
  2. Within the ★150 program, a student must complete a minimum of ★48 science, ★24 arts, and ★48 Education. (See Classification of Courses ).
  3. Normally, no more than ★48 at the 100-level are permitted in the degrees program.
  4. If there is overlap between the requirements of the selected major and minor, additional courses must be taken in the area of the major and/or minor such that the total number of credits on the major and minor is 60. This provision does not apply to courses listed as prerequisites or supporting courses. The courses to be taken to compensate for the overlap in requirements between a student’s major and minor subjects must be approved by the Chair of the Department of Science.

Additional information for Students

Many of the Augustana Faculty’s senior science courses are offered only in alternate years, and some are offered only if there is sufficient student demand.

Academic Standing and Graduation

Continuation in the Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Secondary) Combined Degrees Program (Augustana) requires a Fall/Winter Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.3. [See Grade Point Average (GPA)  regarding the rules for calculating Grade Point Average.]

A student who fails to meet the continuation requirement must withdraw from the BSc/BEd Degrees program. Such a student may transfer to another program in the Augustana Faculty, the Faculty of Education, or another Faculty, if entrance and promotion requirements for that program are met. After transfer, all requirements for the new program must be met. (See Academic Standing and Graduation  for academic standing regulations pertaining to the Augustana Faculty BA and BSc programs and Academic Standing and Promotional Standards  for academic standing regulations for admission to the Faculty of Education BEd program.)

Graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Secondary) Combined Degrees Program (Augustana) are specified in Bachelor of Science (BSc)/Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Secondary) Combined Degrees Program (Augustana) .