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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bilingual BCom [Business]

Description of Field

The four-year Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce offers students the opportunity to obtain a fully bilingual Business degree in Canada’s two official languages. Initial admission is to the Faculté Saint-Jean where students will take all their coursework in Year 1 in French at the Faculté (except for ANGL 101 or one of ENGL 111, 112, 113, 114 which can be taken either at Faculté Saint- Jean or in the Faculty of Arts). Acceptance to the program takes place in Year Two in accordance with Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce Admission and Faculté Saint-Jean Admission requirements. In Year 2, students will take the required core courses in business (see Sequence of Courses below) either through the Faculty of Business or in French at Faculté Saint-Jean where available. They will enrol in French language courses and free electives at Faculté Saint-Jean. In Years 3 and 4, students will continue in the Bilingual BCom in the Faculty of Business for required courses in their major area of specialization. They will continue to take some free electives in Faculté Saint-Jean. Some business courses (core and electives) can also be taken at Faculté Saint-Jean in Years 2, 3 and 4. Normally, a student will complete ★54 at Faculté Saint-Jean, not counting the ★6 for ANGL 101 or one of ENGL 111, 112, 113, 114 and ★60 in the Faculty of Business. Only in exceptional circumstances will a student be permitted to depart from the ★54/★6/★60 pattern.

All students in the Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce are expected to select a major area of specialization from among the majors offered in the Faculty of Business. There are some majors that Bilingual BCom students may not be eligible to take because the bilingual program requirements will make it impossible to also fulfill major requirements. The Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce is not available to After-Degree students.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Bachelor of Commerce graduates fluent in both of Canada’s official language are many and varied. Students may have a particular advantage in government, large business or professional organizations with national or international presences or in any field relating to national or international accounting, finance, or marketing.

Sequence of Courses

Preprofessional Year—All Students

(Taken at Faculté Saint-Jean)

Year Three

Year Four

  • ★21—★27 in Senior Business electives (See Note 4)
  • ★3—★9 in free electives at Faculté Saint-Jean


  1. Students registered at Faculté Saint-Jean are required to take a minimum of ★9 in French language. They are advised to take a series of French courses depending on the path followed in their previous studies. For information concerning French language requirements see Classification of Courses  and French Courses  in the Faculté Saint-Jean section of the Calendar. The amount of free electives in Years One and Two may depend on the French pathway chosen.
  2. ALS and EAP courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement. For further information concerning English language requirements see Compulsory Test for Students Admitted Without English 30 or Equivalent  in the Faculté Saint-Jean section of the Calendar
  3. The free elective in Year Two must be chosen carefully keeping in mind the requirement for all students to select a major area of concentration. Many majors recommend beginning required course work in Year Two.  ADMI 322  (ACCTG 322 ) is recommended for most majors.
  4. See Courses in the Faculty of Business . Students are advised to examine Majors in Business  for Senior Business Electives consistent with the major of their choice. Some courses in the Faculty of Arts of the Faculty of Science may also be acceptable as Senior Business Electives for the purpose of the Bilingual BCom program. A maximum of ★42 in Senior Business Electives is permitted in Years Three and Four.


  1. Students in the Bilingual BCom must choose a major area of specialization. Where that major requires a minor area of specialization, students must complete the minor in accordance with major requirements. Minors are not required for most majors. Students should consult the relevant major in Major in Accounting  to Major in Retailing and Services .
  2. Students may not complete a minor in the Bilingual BCom. Students interested in coursework in this area should consult the major in International Business, or consult with the Faculté Saint-Jean for information concerning appropriate coursework.