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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education Route

General Information

The Department of Elementary Education prepares teachers to teach all subjects and to facilitate the learning of all children at the elementary school level within our multicultural society. Teaching proficiency depends on knowledge of subject matter, pedagogy, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, professional ethics, sensitivity to and respect for children and the sociocultural contexts in which they live, and an understanding of schooling in their social/political/economic environment. Developing attributes, fostering a sense of community, and developing a strong professional commitment reflected in a personal philosophy of education are the intent of the Department of Elementary Education.

Components of the Program

All students in the Elementary Route are enrolled in a generalist program that prepares prospective teachers in the required elementary school subjects. This degree consists of ★120. Students should consult the program sheet provided at admission and seek advice from the Faculty of Education Undergraduate Student Services Office.

Program Requirements (★120)

Years 1 and 2

Education Courses (★9)

Note: It is recommended that students take all three Education courses of Years 1 and 2 prior to registration in Year 3 of the program.

Non-Education Elements Courses (★51)

Chosen from the following eight areas:

a. Aboriginal and Indigenous Histories and Culture (★3)

b. Fine Arts (★6)

★6 chosen from

c. Language/Literature (★9)

★3 chosen from

  • English Literature
★3 chosen from

  • English
  • WRS
★3 chosen from

  • Senior English
  • Linguistics
d. Mathematics (★6)

e. Natural Science (★6)

f. Physical and Health Education (★6)

g. Social Science (★6)

As specified below:

★3 chosen from:

h. Non-Education Options (★9)

These ★9 can be used to further develop teaching interests in specific areas.

Year 3


  1. EDEL 305  and EDEL 316  must be taken in year 3 as pre/co-requisites to EDFX 325 .
  2. EDEL 305  is normally offered in Fall term. Enrolment in EDEL 305  in Winter term will require consent of the department (see Bear Tracks).
Fall Term: Course Requirements

Winter Term: Introductory Professional Term

Year 4

Fall Term: Advanced Professional Term

Winter Term: Course Requirements