Aug 05, 2021  
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Degree of PhD in Performance Studies (Drama) [Graduate]

Program Requirements

Students are required to complete a minimum of ★18 in coursework and a thesis.

Required Courses (★6)

Elective courses (★12)

  • A ★3 practical requirement in theatre practice
  • Three graduate-level courses
    • Up to two of these courses can be taken outside of the Department of Drama.
    • Students can take one directed reading/special project course (DRAMA 605 ).
  • All coursework is selected by the student in consultation with the PhD or Graduate Coordinator


  • Registration in 900-level THES. Students must complete a written dissertation, founded on high scholastic achievement, original research, and firm theoretical grounding. It must be defended before an examining committee.

Departmental Exams

During their second or third year, students prepare for and undertake their departmental examination. This examination has three written components:

  • General examination
  • Short Dissertation Proposal
  • Long Dissertation Proposal

Candidacy Exam

The (oral) Candidacy exam is normally held within two weeks of completion of the Long Dissertation Proposal.

Ethics Requirement

PhD students should normally have completed their FGSR Academic Integrity and Ethics Training Requirement  by the end of their first year (if they have not already done so at the Master's level).The Ethics requirement is met through DRAMA 601 , the GET course and/or Department-based workshops, seminars, tutorials. Contact the Department for further information.

Language Requirement

PhD students are required to demonstrate reading proficiency in a language other than English (normally the language that is most relevant for the proposed research); completion of a language requirement for an MA degree may satisfy the requirement for the PhD, provided proficiency was demonstrated no earlier than two years before the start of the PhD.

Residence Requirement

The minimum period of residence is two years of full-time attendance on campus at the University of Alberta.

Length of Program

The maximum time to complete the PhD program as set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is six years.